I really wish there was a 'save post' function so I could come back to a thread later to see how the conversation has developed.

Currently I usually only ever see a post once, unless someone boosts it later.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong, please tell me if so, but I would like to just press a button on a post and have it saved in a private list (without notifying the poster).

Kinda (read: exactly) like reddit's save function.

IDK tho maybe that isn't how microblogging is supposed to work.


That is a big issue for me too. Sometimes I can't find my own posts and have to go to hunting for it.


Pocket is no use either. It shows toot content within itself and offers no option to open link in app or even browser.
I tried few more apps including proprietary ones.
I even tried sharing link to Tusky but that was creating a toot with link in it. If only Tusky was able to handle Mastodon instance links. But every instance is a different domain and supporting each and everyone of them is a difficult job for Tusky devs.

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