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Day 1 to 7 of #LFS - Attempt 2.5 

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Day 1 of
1. Got a laptop (Pentium CPU + 1GiB RAM)
2. Installed Manjaro Xfce 32bit to use as Host OS (that thing is using around 240MiB RAM at idle)
4. Download LFS 8.4 Stable book.
5. Get necessary development packages on Host OS
6. Setting up environment variables
Stopped at page 16 - Chapter 2.6
Spent around 3 hours

@kev and @mike
I would appreciate if you reminded me to share my daily progress about LFS.

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As seen elsewhere on social media... And this happens a lot! Let's keep spreading the word about LibreOffice, and how it respects users' freedom and privacy – and doesn't lock them in.

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So my Apple Watch is now gone for good.

I don't think that people should be *that* connected, that trackable, or forced to be hostage to every push notification that comes through.

Yes you can try "Do Not Disturb".

Yes you can selectively turn off notifications.

It's not granular enough, though. It's still painful. It can't learn useful patterns, it doesn't organically alter your notification types by geofencing or time of day, or type of app. Maybe I don't want all notifications for Instagram, but I want notifications for specific user. etc etc

This data is not enriching your lives. You don't need to know how many steps you take or what your heart rate is (unless you have a medical condition). You don't need to know how many miles you ran in your exercise.

You are paying to generate worthless data that you think is clever and enriching your life, but it's not.

The Apple Watch did one thing that I didn't expect: made me love watches again, which I haven't cared about since I got my first smartphone.

We are on the brink of a Notifications fatigue. We had this in the past, and it was with email.

Remember spending so much of your day dealing with email? The tedious, monotonous, worthless time you spent obsessing over your inboxes? That's what we're doing with notifications, except it's tricking us to respond to shitposts at lightning speed and start fights and amp up our anxiety to 11 all day long.

We can do better.

Hey @kev
I just read your post on why Zoho mail is better than Gmail. I have been using ProtonMail since its early days andnever upgraded to paid tier (I am a student). Now that @ProtonCalendar is in beta, do you think encrypted ProtonCalendar (which probably has its own proprietary protocol due to encryption) will be any better than Zoho Mail, aside from encryption?

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"For now, even the biggest tech companies have different interpretations of the law, especially over what it means to stop selling or sharing consumers’ personal details."

We need privacy by design. Can't be an afterthought.
.onion: nytimes3xbfgragh.onion/2019/12

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TIL that mobile networks gets so congested during new year celebrations that toots go few minutes late

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Do you know any methods to send notification to your phone from a server you are running?

I found which looks great (self-hosted and FOSS!) but I wanted to ask in case you know of anything else I should look into.


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Last day of the decade, looking back to 2010 (and 2009) I wonder how fast it passed. I graduated in 2009 and started working right away, watched the rise of smartphones, rising concern about privacy, the transition to more env. friendly thinking. A lot has changed.
I went from employee to business owner and from windows to mac and finally to linux, still miss the wobbly windows..,
All in all pretty good, wonder what the next 10 years will bring
All the best to you all!

My friend is fine when using a computer with Windows OS (i guess). But thanks to his prejudice towards Linux, he seems to forget where Start menu is, how to type "browser" or "internet", how to move pointer to Firefox icon and click on it. He also don't know that Google works on Linux too.

Am I being evil by sitting there to watch him torture himself?

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Oh wow, was not expecting this! Something else to consider using that gift money on.

Odroid Go Advance! Has an analog nub, shoulder buttons and is powered by a quad core rockchip CPU with 1gb RAM. $55 kit you assemble yourself.

They show in this video playing PSP, PS1, GBA and SNES games. Looks like it is running a dull linux OS.

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I'm now pronouncing fedi like jedi and you can't stop me

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@artemis why would you need to be stopped, young tootawan? @Gargron

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