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Day 1 to 7 of #LFS - Attempt 2.5 

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Day 1 of
1. Got a laptop (Pentium CPU + 1GiB RAM)
2. Installed Manjaro Xfce 32bit to use as Host OS (that thing is using around 240MiB RAM at idle)
4. Download LFS 8.4 Stable book.
5. Get necessary development packages on Host OS
6. Setting up environment variables
Stopped at page 16 - Chapter 2.6
Spent around 3 hours

@kev and @mike
I would appreciate if you reminded me to share my daily progress about LFS.

When I'm telling that, "Please try to use free and open source software as much as you can", Usually people ask "Why?"

Do you guys have an answer? What do you say?

Key to a successful life is learning from others' experiences.

Here is one of the most comprehensive longitudinal studies in history. It is about staying happy and healthy as we go through life : is cencored/blocked where I live.
Thanks to , I seem to be not here. Therefore I can access.

Confession: I really want to make more video content, but when I do I always get a ton of comments on how I look or hitting on me and it really bothers me. Even if I don't show up on the video, it still happens. I'll get over it and eventually do it, but it's a big hurdle.

It is so hot that only way to sleep is to faint while laying on the bed.

Help wanted from ladies !

How do I wash those white stains away from my grey pijama?

@craigmaloney it's a hill I'll die on. Every site should be printable without useless navigation, ads and other junk, no white text etc. It's a UX and a11y issue not enough people care about

I hate having problems with some services not accepting some special characters in their password.

Why 7digital? Why can't I have open bracket in my password?

I am thinking about using heat spreaders to cool my body.
Which thermal pastes are the most human skin friendly?

Note: don't recommend toothpaste. It is NOT skin friendly

I freaking love the people who built Grub Customizer GUI. You saved my system multiple times. 

Can I take notes by tooting direct messages to myself?

So I have been favouriting songs and musics I like on Yandex Music then downloading them to listen offline.
Problem is that all those musics are locked with DRM.

Unfortunately most are missing from so I need alternatives for purchasing DRM free song.
I will try Amazon and Google Music. Is it possible to purchase a music on iTunes and use outside of iTunes?

Day 14 & 15 of #LFS - Continue, Backup, End chapter 6 

Update for day 12 & 13 of

I used Ubuntu in the past just like almost every linux newbie. Ubuntu uses systemd. So I thought I should go for systemd for my LFS setup. And I did. But I also heard that systemd is probably the most bloated/sluggish daemon manager for Linux distros.
Did I made a mistake with going systemd? I am still compiling and didn't install it yet.
Should I switch to something else?

Day 12 & 13 of #LFS - Compile or compile not, no try there is 

Meanwhile, inside the box, Schroedinger's cat plans its revenge:

Privacy Badger automatically learns to block spying ads and invisible trackers. All you have to do is install.

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