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Hello Fediverse 🖐️
My name is Murteza.

I started my FOSS journey with :tux: when I couldn't afford :windows: license. I have been using Linux for 3 years now.

Came for the price tag, stayed for the quality - @murtezayesil 😁

I learned many things from people in FOSS community.
Importance of privacy
Repurposing old hardware
Advantages of decentralized platforms
& more

I'm not new here. I didn't introduce myself properly before, so I decided to do it for 1000th toot special 🎉

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Public Git repositories are in many different platforms and it became harder to collaborate - idea 

There was a time (almost) everybody used GitHub. But ever since Microsoft bought it, developers have been moving too alternative platforms or self-hosting.

This caused fragmentation and made it difficult to search projects and collaborate on them. But we have can't force developers to use single service.

Solution ?
Gitiverse - Federated Git for cross platform collaboration

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1. Identifying product with (privacy) issues 

0. Search
1. Google Photos
2. Google Drive
3. Facebook
4. WhatsApp
5. WhatsApp - Voice/Video Call
6. Instagram
7. Windows OS
8. Stock Android ROMs - due to embedded Google
9. Zoom - Video calling


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I saw a meme on here about how bloated the games became. It was comparing today's games with old fun games that fit into 1MB.

Today I came across Simant which is an ant colony simulation game by developer of SimCity. I was surprised to see that the entire game (executable, libraries, sprites and audio) fits into roughly 800KB zip.

Later I came across a game jam which has 13KB JS code size limitation. And those games are fun.
My favourite:

If you've been lurking on Fosstodon, intimidated by the more technical toots, feeling imposter syndrome, or just afraid to jump in, please toot an introduction, ask questions, learn, get to know others. There's nothing to be afraid of. This is a friendly and welcoming instance. Almost all of us want to get to know you except for a few grumps.😃

I don't have a Twitter account. Feel free to repost this on Twitter or link back to this toot.

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's kits are the most over priced thing greedy EA put out so far.

Who in their right mind asks for 39$ for something that adds 10 piece of clothing or 15 similar furniture !

Even the pack that turns a house into a dirt bag shouldn't cost that much.

Whenever I dislike an aspect of an app or web service, I invariably try to make my own. Then I realize it's complicated, and grow disinterested. This cycle usually defines my side-projects.

Does anyone else experience this? How have you found stability?

Gotta love app for Youtube and Peertube. Just click on a link and watch the video without downloading bunch of JS and stuff to watch a video.

Unpopular opinion 

Snap store is fine.
Snapd is fine.
Snaps are fine.

Blinking Caps Lock indicator on Lenovo laptops mean kernel panicked.

Unpopular opinion 

Thin bezel is a problem that is being encouraged. Curved edge display is a cancer.

Why would you make useless screen that will be touched accidentally and need to be ignored while looking bad.

Thin bezel is a very big issue because only way to make it less of an issue is ignore touches that are very close to edge.

Do I know someone here that knows where I can get a hold of batteries for a ThinkPad W530?


Unpopular opinion 

500 character limit is way too enough (for the most part)

My blog is revamped with new theme I wrote for , called put_it_out_there.

is a responsive theme for generating lightweight Pelican blog sites. It has small features such as banner, article info and basic indieweb support for profile metadata verification here on Fediverse.
It's stylesheet is copy-paste of @kev's .

It is available to clone at

‼️It is missing category, tag etc styling, so it is in alpha.

Thanks, Cygwin! 

You know, Cygwin doesn't get enough love or attention. I've relied on Cygwin for years to give me access to tools like ssh and scp and all the other utilities that I generally expect a computer to have to be useful. Tools that Windows has never come with (Windows has always been a disappointment). I know I've been using it for over 20 years now. I wouldn't have been as productive on Windows as a developer without it. Long before WSL, there was Cygwin. Thank you, Cygwin devs!

is an advanced command line notetaker.

nb (notebook) is a program that simplifies keeping notes made in various formats as well as bookmarks. nb stores content in notebooks for high-level organization, which can be synced with and encrypted. nb can search notes using an expressive syntax of simple terms or full regex. nb supports using for format conversion.

Website 🔗️:

I came across this video on lemmy (decentralized reddit alternative) about how a GUI should be and I agree with his points.

Here is the original lemmy post:

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