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Roommate was having a bad day.

He first complained, then read some horoscopes for the day, then blamed it on the Mars (and how weirdly positioned it is today).

If I get mad about something or having a bad day, I will blamed it on a random planet 😜

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Hello Fediverse 🖐️
My name is Murteza.

I started my FOSS journey with :tux: when I couldn't afford :windows: license. I have been using Linux for 3 years now.

Came for the price tag, stayed for the quality - @murtezayesil 😁

I learned many things from people in FOSS community.
Importance of privacy
Repurposing old hardware
Advantages of decentralized platforms
& more

I'm not new here. I didn't introduce myself properly before, so I decided to do it for 1000th toot special 🎉

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1. Identifying product with (privacy) issues 

0. Search
1. Google Photos
2. Google Drive
3. Facebook
4. WhatsApp
5. WhatsApp - Voice/Video Call
6. Instagram
7. Windows OS
8. Stock Android ROMs - due to embedded Google
9. Zoom - Video calling


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:debian: Debian is seriously light. Installed on HDD and booting took only twice as long as :solus: Solus on SSD. I thought difference would be much higher due to difference in read and writes.

Neither the word 'elevator' or 'lift' imply that they also go down.
-Alloutagum, Jun 2014

A friend was resting on the couch when I asked whether he wanted a blanket. He said yes. He also asked for his phone while I was putting the blanket on him. He said he needed his phone for the class.

We are living in such a time in history that the couch is a classroom and kitchen table is an open office.

What if there was a system that could read the ads and guess what Google or Facebook may know about us that made them show that advertisement.

It could integrate to browser with an extension and instead of blocking the ads, it would read the ads.

My brain knows how to type without looking at the keyboard yet I can not draw
a QWERTY keyboard from memory.
-jseverso42, Jan 2016
I have been burned more times by water than fire.
-akruckus, Dec 2014

You’ve been kidnapped. 30 mins later your kidnapper dumps you on the street because you won’t stop talking about what?

*Seen in a few other places but, still interested to see the results. 😜

Don't you just get annoyed when someone you are talking to gets surprised that you don't know every detail of an event that only happened in their head?

I call this phenomenon "believing own rumour". It occurs when some idiots fantasize some story in their heads and tell that story to their selves enough times that they actually believe that it happened.

You found a Cloudron out in the wild!
Throw your pokeball to catch it.

It has ended with an unexpected network issue. I was done anyway. I guess it will be available for view after server is done with transcoding.

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I was listening to ragtime in the entirety of the stream while I think my microphone was muted. But apparently OBS only streamed my mic audio and not the ragtime music.

I bamboozled myself :|

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Live Stream: Amateur Programming in Rust Language 

I am an amateur programmer and learning Rust language while listening to rag music (pun not intended).

I will try to implement simple algorithms such as Bubble Sort, Linear Search and Factorial.

Current application of digital licences in a nutshell

Let's assume that a blanket manufacturer paid Marvel Comics to license Spiderman to produce blankets and bed covers with Spiderman pictures.
You were asked to agree to a license before purchasing the blanket with Spiderman pictures. You didn't read the license but signed it anyway.

Few years later Marvel revoked Spiderman blanket license to blanket manufacturer. And you granted Marvel rights to come to your house and burn the blanket.

Recent conversation with my roommate who is into horoscope 

Roommate: Oh wow. I just realized something. I realized why I am the way I am.

Me: Let me guess. It is Mars.

Roommate: No. Actually it is Mercury.

Forgot to mention. I downloaded both pictures from @olivia's website.

Phone's background image is edited to better fit to OLED display

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Never mind. Jupiter and Uranus are too far away from each other. Someone fix those Horoscope people's telescope.

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