Rust seems to be the most loved language among 2019 Developer Survey responders.

I didn't try it but now I know, I will.

@m4iler @kev @Matter @murtezayesil Facts.

Choice of mobile phone says *nothing*. Everyone has their own reasons.

Why are people like this?

@kev @Matter @murtezayesil

This conversation should be mandatory reading for all 12-15year olds.

Kids at school keep hatin iPhones or Android, depending on what they have. What we need to realize is that everyone has different needs.

I enjoy tinkering with my phone. So I got an android and Lin'd it. I got many iPhone friends who love the simplicity.

Use what you feel comfy with, sure, be open to suggestions, but IT'S YOUR DAMN PHONE.

I just read @kev 's article on why he is ditching Android, . He replaced his Huawei P10 (yes, I read many comment) with iPhone SE which makes perfect sense. I wish I had budget for replacing my phone. I will stick to Lineage OS on my MI Note 4 for now.
Funny thing about the article is the comment section. I guess people closed their eyes while reading the article.


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