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I may be late to the party on this, but boy does Hackensack know how to miss the mark. They were looking for a new, trendy name for their downtown. So they picked.... the Hacken? (Stale in 1/2 hour, but fun for now) The Hack? No. They picked. The Sack.

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Here is something I received in the mail today. Decided I will toot mostly about #amiga #retrocomputing because no one is following me and no one got it on Instagram...

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USPOL results 

It's great that the media is calling it for Biden.
I'm not buying it until the lawsuits are over, and there is enough margin in the electoral college to account for some faithless electors.

@jwildeboer Twitter or the media "calling it" does not make it over. Let them count the votes. Just a couple more days before the lawsuits begin in earnest.


I wonder, for the people that want to get rid of the electoral college: Some states have marginalized voters because of a presumption of going for one party or the other. (NY, NJ, CA, MS, AL etc) Instead of eliminating the electoral college, why not get rid of "winner take all" in those states, and make candidates work for every one of those electoral votes? It could make those districts in the middle of the spectrum, even in otherwise decided states, worth fighting for.

Ugh, misspelled Boonton. I lived there for years, I'm just not as good with a mobile phone keyboard.

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GitHub/Microsoft leading off the conference. Mixed feelings.

@carbontwelve Please add me to 3D Printing, Cycling, Digital Rights, Fediverse, FLOSS, Free Culture, Free Software, Keyboards, Linux, OpenStreetMap, Podcasts.

@killyourfm I have a question about your last L4E podcast. You expressed dismay about the Linux community, but seemed mostly focused on the YouTube comments. Is this exclusively the venue that you are judging the wider Linux community by? If you answered this in the podcast, I apologize, I must have missed it. But I hope that you don't judge all of us by comments on YouTube, or Reddit, or even here. There's more to it than that.

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From the Delaware Water Gap, on the Pennsylvania side.
Not sure of the panorama works here, if not I'll delete.
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