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I wonder why they're concerned about tech companies but not internet service providers and the 5 television network monopolies. Tech companies must not be paying enough in bribes.

@cassolotl A while ago, you made a nice, succinct flowchart of Mastodon timeline behavior. May I use it in a Fediverse presentation? (For a LUG, at least at first.) What license, if I may redistribute?

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@sir this.

Also, this is a great talk with practical examples of why one should not talk to the police:

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talk like a pirate day 

the public domain has been stolen from us by paid-for legislation and piracy is a form of civil disobedience

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Some #bike riding today, at Six mile run in Blackwells Mills, #NJ. Was a nice relaxing ride until my seat completely broke. Made the 6 or so miles riding to a friend's house standing up all the way a tough one. #mastobikes

Only a problem on Ubuntu and Pop_OS! Works OK in Fedora. Something to look at, anyway.

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Strange, I got a new webcam, that seems to work (other then wavy lines under LED lights, but that's another issue)
But if I try to connect it to a KVM VM, it seems to lock up libvirtd. Any ideas?

@Ahuka I picked up one of those Akaso cameras. The SD card fits very tight and doesn't come out of the slot. Any tricks?

2 hours on hold, and an unsuccessful online chat. 0 progress. Optiumum/Altice has gone right to the bottom of the barrel.

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Just a quick reminder that Free and Open Source Software isn't a competition among ourselves.

We're fighting against those who would co-opt general purpose computing.

It doesn't matter if you're on the BSD side or the Linux side, or if you believe that KDE is great or that GNOME is amazing (or prefer a tiling window manager). We're all on the same side.

We're at our best when we link our arms together and say in a clear voice, you'll have to pass through all of us to overcome all of us.

Diet Cheerwine. Any thoughts, opinions?

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HOPE 2020 Delivers Historic Marathon Of Hacking

Anyone who’s ever attended a hacker conference knows that the talks and workshops are only part of the reason that people travel from all over the country (and indeed, the world) to be there. The social an…

Original tweet :

Some pictures of my ride to High Point Park in NJ, as well as a few from my ride down Old Mine Road along the Delaware river.
Hopefully all 6 pictures make it through.

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Since the organizers chose to register and make it invite only, I made for #defconsafemode hackers that feel we have an ethical obligation to promote open software over nonsense like Discord.


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