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HOPE 2020 Delivers Historic Marathon Of Hacking

Anyone who’s ever attended a hacker conference knows that the talks and workshops are only part of the reason that people travel from all over the country (and indeed, the world) to be there. The social an…

Original tweet :

Some pictures of my ride to High Point Park in NJ, as well as a few from my ride down Old Mine Road along the Delaware river.
Hopefully all 6 pictures make it through.

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Since the organizers chose to register and make it invite only, I made for #defconsafemode hackers that feel we have an ethical obligation to promote open software over nonsense like Discord.


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The storm is getting serious here.
Heavy winds, many branches down.

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Huge thanks to the #HopeConf #Hope2020 Technical team! <3 you all are wizards

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The #matrix server set up for #hopeconf may go offline soon, but a public Matrix room has been set up to keep the party going. Join the room from any federated Matrix server!

Had to take a break from for a ride Sadly, this bike store has been closed for years.

If you're available tomorrow morning, please consider joining me in my workshop: "A Brief Introduction to GNU Screen"

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According to the calendar alert I set ages ago, it's day one of #hopeconf.

In reality, it's day seven of being blown away by all my HOPE colleagues, our presenters and speakers, our volunteers, and especially our attendees are all doing to make this a truly special event.

My first workshop is done, and it was a ton of fun. People seemed to like it. The Q&A afterward was not recorded, but my pre-recorded part is available here:

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federated social networks talk at #HOPEconf in NOWNOWNOW :)

Saving Hacking From the Zaibatsus: A Memoir

Your data is not theirs to own.

The_Gibson began an experiment that would become a community to engage in projects to save our privacy

In order to save hacking culture and the Internet, we must build new social networks and services that are #federated and #decentralized , and self-maintain our data rights


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Speaking about #RFC1984 I'm incredibly stoked to be giving a presentation at #HOPE2020 on Sunday about #RFC1984 and the Greek Mythology that inspired it. RFC 1984 - or Why You Should Start Worrying About Encryption Backdoors and Mass Data Collection
I'll also be asking How do we slay the Hydra of mass surveillance?
One of the ways I would say to slay the Hydra is to check out the excellent talks that are happening this week at Hope!

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