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Had to take a break from for a ride Sadly, this bike store has been closed for years.

If you're available tomorrow morning, please consider joining me in my workshop: "A Brief Introduction to GNU Screen"

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According to the calendar alert I set ages ago, it's day one of #hopeconf.

In reality, it's day seven of being blown away by all my HOPE colleagues, our presenters and speakers, our volunteers, and especially our attendees are all doing to make this a truly special event.

My first workshop is done, and it was a ton of fun. People seemed to like it. The Q&A afterward was not recorded, but my pre-recorded part is available here:

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federated social networks talk at #HOPEconf in NOWNOWNOW :)

Saving Hacking From the Zaibatsus: A Memoir

Your data is not theirs to own.

The_Gibson began an experiment that would become a community to engage in projects to save our privacy

In order to save hacking culture and the Internet, we must build new social networks and services that are #federated and #decentralized , and self-maintain our data rights


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Speaking about #RFC1984 I'm incredibly stoked to be giving a presentation at #HOPE2020 on Sunday about #RFC1984 and the Greek Mythology that inspired it. RFC 1984 - or Why You Should Start Worrying About Encryption Backdoors and Mass Data Collection
I'll also be asking How do we slay the Hydra of mass surveillance?
One of the ways I would say to slay the Hydra is to check out the excellent talks that are happening this week at Hope!

@cguess Do I have the right account to thank you for your talk? Very interesting!

When you're done watching @thegibson , @drwho , @ryen, @c0debabe explain how to regain your data and the web, please consider taking a look at my workshop on creating a portable homelab in about an hour:

It's kind of amazing how much of this stuff I still have.

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The HOPE 2020 conference is online this week! I am hosting a workshop on Friday, July 31st. Surveillance Capitalism, Predictive Analysis, and YOU
Join the conversation or just come and lurk/listen 5PM - 6:30PM ET - We will be using BigBlueButton to chat.

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If you're attending , consider my workshop: Create Your Portable CentOS Homelab in About an Hour

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Nikola Tesla Tour for #HOPEconf in about 15 minutes

"Explore the wonders of Wardenclyffe, the historic laboratory built by science visionary Nikola Tesla, where he engineered a colossal 18-story wireless transmitting tower and conducted experiments that still evoke questions and controversy over a hundred years later. Presenter Marc Alessi, executive director at Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe"


Happy Birthday
Here's a picture that I found today. Probably circa 1994 or 5. The Large PC case to the right is actually a case for 3-6 SCSI hard drives, and a tape drive. Feel free to AMA about the old gear.

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Be the weirdo who still knows how to be polite you want to see in the world.

murph :fedora: boosted and friends will be performing, in it’s entirety, “Saving Hacking from the Zaibatsus: A Memoir” Live without a net, at HOPE 2020 Wednesday July 29th at 1PM. We’ll teach you how to reclaim your data agency from the silos. See you there!

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