@jerry in my BRZ, you could probably tell what year it was minted.

@mxuribe You put on a great presentation. I was happy to help a little.

@claudiom Are they still putting their self-reinstalling malware on those things? They were only targeting Windows initially, but if this Linux thing catches on, they may expand the program. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superfis

Mr. Robot Season 4 (spoiler) 

Mr. Robot Season 4 (spoiler) 

Mr. Robot Season 4 

@azure And here's an additional tip: If you go to weather.gov/<5-digit zip code> It will get you right to the 7-day forecast for your area. Super convenient.

@cobra2 A little over $700. Video card, montior, keyboard, etc was recycled from my other machine.

@claudiom I forget the name, but it's a tenkeyless IBM model M.

@sandro Suggestion on calculating for less power? As far as the nvme, the price jump to 1TB was big. I have other drives around. I may put some spinning rust in there too, so I have to figure that into the power supply.

@sandro I'm using it now, on an older machine. I'm not a big gamer, and I can always upgrade later.

@amolith I've heard good things about the newer ones. I think I'm going to try the stock one, I have no intention to overclock.

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