@gortbrown As much hate as Apple get and deserves, the MagSafe connector on my 2007 era MacBook saved it from a similar fate several times. Brilliant, and still working to this day.

@deejoe I think that the dinner table is an easier problem than the bar. At the dinner table, Nazi speech can be quickly seen and rooted out.
In the bar, the tender cannot listen in on all the conversations and determine that Nazis are taking root and turning the bar into a Nazi bar. So kicking out the patron with the Nazi symbolism seems the only way to keep it out. If the Nazis all come in without insignia, not sure what you can do to stop it.

@deejoe Makes sense as long as getting rid of the symbol is not a loophole for staying in and trying to propagate Nazi thoughts.

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PLUG has two talks from the fediversely fantastic @murph this Thu @ 19:00 UTC-7

"An Introduction to GNU - or How to Make the Command Line Work for You When the Network is Working Against You."

"Create Your Own RedHat Style Home Lab in About an Hour."


The Free Software is the following Tue, also at 19:00 UTC-7


All in

PLUG will remain virtual only through at least July

@NYbill You should have hung it up as soon as you took it out of the dryer.

@djsundog Actually, I have a picture of it. It's in the pinned toot on my profile. It's in the corner on top of the ugly file cabinet with stuff on top of it.

@djsundog I don't think it's my favorite, but I had (and still have) a Calcomp Colormaster, a thermal transfer printer. Rolls of 8.5x11 sheets of CYMB to transfer to the paper. I only ever had drivers for the Amiga. I can't find any pictures online, so I may have to take mine out, fire it up, and take some. I've had years of dreaming of ebaying the thing(s) One works, one for parts. They're huge.

@LinuxLounge You know, they backed off on those plans. They're still wanting telemetry information, but the google/yandex plans have been put aside. They still need to have a careful eye kept on them, but let's see what they come up with.

@rysiek @matrix Last year (and planned for this year) Southeast Linux Fest did a great job with their remote conference, using Matrix.

@klaatu @randynose @mart @klaatu I think that the confusion might be because we got into a discussion of CR/LF, and that discussion dragged us back to typewriters, not the other way around. (That's if I recall correctly, which I might)

@thewk Sorry, my humor has fallen flat.
There is a model called the "Mac Classic" I was just trying to play off of that.

@thewk It's not as old as a Classic, looks like an iMac to me.

@grainloom @TauAs I sympathize, and not sure what to do. Hardware is going to improve, and increase, Software is going to progress, and take up more of those resources. Eventually the floor for new software is going to obsolete older systems. Perhaps look into things like Gemini and gopher for networks that limit resource usage? I like my old Amigas, but I accept that they will no longer be able to access the modern web.

@grainloom @TauAs I'm not a kernel hacker, so I'm not sure how difficult that may be. Perhaps a fork for the retro crowd?

@Linux4Everyone I really appreciate the phrasing in this "many other Linux communities" as opposed to "The Linux community" is toxic. There are bad actors in any space, but not besmirching all Linux users in a community is kinder.

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