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social sites, such as Mastodon, do in fact live or die based on unfair comparison to silos such as Twitter. when you cross-post, you're leaning into that comparison: nothing to miss, sure, but nothing new either. and people will not move over. post here!! post screenshots of unique/interesting mastodon/etc posts on twitter 😈

Considering we got a mediocre score on the we still came in second in the intermediate class. Great to benefit American Association if University Women

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@klaatu Glad to bring it to your attention. I'm not caught up, so I didn't know if you already covered it.

@klaatu I was lisenting to , (don't recall witch one) and had a comment about the ^H tale you were telling. It was additionally used as a sarcastic/funny commentary, based on "accidentally" using it on systems like usenet/fidonet back in the day. For example: Bad actions by "MicroS^H^H^H^H^H^HAn unnamed Seattle software company cannot be excused." Used to falsely erase the real thought, and replace it with something more palatable, but exposing it by "mistakenly" deleting it.

@gorkon I use tusky, have had good luck with stegodon as well.

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@gorkon Glad you made it. Welcome to the fediverse.

@amolith Part of presenting , particularly live, is preparing for and working around problems. You did admirably.

@amolith Excellent job on your talk. Minor issues, but you handled it well!

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