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World’s Oldest Computer Festival is This Weekend - There was a time when owning a home computer was kind of a big deal. In the days before the populari... more: #trentoncomputerfestival #vintagecomputing #retrocomputing #fleamarket #eastcoast #toool #cons #news #tcf

@snowdusk Thanks for the reminder. I'll be listening!

@Ricardus I run into similar problems, sometimes I go with the first thing on my mind. I do care, but I sometimes can't express it until I get something else off my mind. Sometimes this works out poorly for me too.

@Ricardus Probably stress. Forgive, give her a chance. (Maybe a helping hand too, despite the insult)

@Ricardus IMO: Try not to take it too personally, you talked to your friend, and probably started with what what up front in your mind, while their Mom was first and probably the only thing on their mind. And they are no doubt wound up about it, so that mismatch in priority is what brought that hurtful comment out. Hopefully things will smooth out over time.
(I think I had this in my head better earlier, but work got demanding.)

@Ricardus Looking for an opinion on that? (Trying not to lead with unrequested information)

@art If you set your goals appropriately, anything is possible.

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@mwlucas no glasses, but from the angle of the glasses pic, because I'm saucy and I vote outside the box.

@dick_turpin The community there was great, and missed. Things seems to have come together in a similar way here, hopefully it sticks around.

@dick_turpin I always thought that the discoverability was terrible on, very hard to find people, even if you had the names. (Still is, for that matter)

@dick_turpin Is that list pre- or post- conversion? It seems a lot of people vanished when that happened.

@Rob_T_Firefly How about if they keep your personal information, outsource it to another company that gets breached? And then, sends paper requests for more money.

@DoorToDoorGeek That's the kind of sky you see without light pollution or atmosphere, I guess. (Other than the blinking blue LEDS from other robots, probably)

@claudiom @thegibson @djsundog We used to have Circuit City, CompUSA, and another big computer/electronics chain around here, now it's just BestBuy, and thankfully, a MicroCenter.

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we don't actually have the rule of law in America, it's all a misunderstanding that started with a transcription error. We're actually governed by the rule o' flaw, which states that if there's a fucked up way to do something, that's how it will be done

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