@fsf That would be the time to look into flashing a free operating system on it, and keep getting updates that way.

@rpcutts @kev @ChrisWere I've got one with the Anker branding as well. Works great for me.

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Random idea: use fediverse as comment section of web pages.

Have a unique tag indicating overall site, and specific page on that site.

Page does a search for tag, displays posts with it as comments.

Posting comment on that page works like those "share" buttons that open say twitter but with some pregen text (the tag for this page) then you add the rest of text as what you want to say.

@hypolite @cj I'd like to, sadly, I'm busy, so I cannot.

If anyone is free this weekend, there is a great event happening in Philadelphia: fosscon.us gettogether.community/events/1
Sadly, I can't make it, but from past years, I highly recommend it.

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@pla sorry to see that you got screwed there.

@ndegruchy thanks, talking to someone is in the works soon.

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phone update 

Big birthday for me this weekend, not feeling very good about myself. When I get self-refelctive, it usually goes poorly for me.

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Hey #gnu and #fsf and #fsfe people, GNU's anniversary is coming up in September. Anybody interested in writing a related article on the topic for opensource.com ?

[Acknowledged: 'open source' != GNU. This is a deliberate attempt to get more GNU content on opensource.com ]

@donpresant Looks a lot like the CN tower, but I'm not 100% sure.

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New CoC for Fosstodon went up ya'll! Please take a look and see if there's anything problematic. So far the only thing I found was an error in terminology referring to the CW.

Feel free to send all suggestions to @fosstodon as I did not have a hand in writing this.


@kaniini Go to North Market for lunch. Wait a few months for Ohio Linux Fest then, I guess.

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