@ajroach42 I had a Diamond Rio (300?) and after that a Philips mp3_cd player. Then a couple of iriver models that were great.

More riding. Riegelsville NJ. Right on the Delaware river.

A nice rare day off for a ride Holland New Jersey

@Ahuka @craigmaloney I think that activitypub federation is planned, but I don't know what the progress is on it.

@pla Tell me you didn't hit that at speed? Pennywise is probably down there.

@snowdusk_ You have another live listener. :) I don't mind the track listing.

@Keedred I've been seeing this headline, and keep wondering if it simply doesn't allow Electron to run.

@bamfic No, it was Steve Trevelise. Movie and an interview at the Mayo Center in Morristown, NJ.

Got to see Star Trek II on the big screen, and got to see Shatner in person. Fun night.

@cwebber the had a great way to handle this through libraries. (I forget the name though )

@volt4ire still filming? I thought the season premiere was the Sunday after next?

@randynose @claudiom It was great to be able to share that moment with you two.

@tomasino I totally agree, too many of the gestures are overloaded, and conflict with application actions. It's a mess, and I'm back to 3-button as well.

@remotenemesis simple many multi player fun was always Charr for us. It wasn't pretty, but so much fun.

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Looking forward to tomorrow morning. cposc.org (Central Pennsylvania open source conference)

@jerry I'm a little surprised that they haven't said that https is causing things to "go dark."

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