@fedilab @angrytux I still see it on the store, did it get taken down, or are they just not letting you do updates. (I'm in the bets, so the last one I see is 2.36.2

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Some #bike riding today, at Six mile run in Blackwells Mills, #NJ. Was a nice relaxing ride until my seat completely broke. Made the 6 or so miles riding to a friend's house standing up all the way a tough one. #mastobikes

@pcrock I recall that being the case a few months ago, but it was supposed to have been remedied in Firefox. I guess the fix was not as complete as hoped. I tend to use chromium for Jitsi. I keep it around for what it makes sense to use it for.

@randynose @ericbuijs @pla @normandc I've never considered a single-speed. I'm in a hilly area, I just don't think it would be practical here.

@pla @normandc Well, it was nice and easy except when I was climbing the sides of the railway cuts for fun. :)

@pla @normandc Actually, it was nice, rail trails mean no really hard hills. Nice gentle grade, nit like my every day rides.

@tomasino @alcinnz @akkartik It's even 10pm here, I'll stop in, but I don't know how long I'll last.

Only a problem on Ubuntu and Pop_OS! Works OK in Fedora. Something to look at, anyway.

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Strange, I got a new webcam, that seems to work (other then wavy lines under LED lights, but that's another issue)
But if I try to connect it to a KVM VM, it seems to lock up libvirtd. Any ideas?

@amolith @sir Either that or attend next time it meets in person. They regularly get many cases of it. (Too much sugar for me, sadly)

@jwildeboer @haato It doesn't upset the that much, and I find most of your stuff interesting, I just found it odd that you mentioned it, I don't really get the distiction of "syncing" vs sending tweets here. Please don't take it too personally, I just didn't see the distinction.

@Ahuka Not as much on the phone, but in chat anyway. Sorry.

@Ahuka I talked to them on the phone, and I've arranged a replacement. I had to use a dental pick to get my cards out of it, tough to put in, and almost impossible to get out. I should see the replacement later in the week.

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