@thegibson I appreciate that you like this, (and seems like a nice intellectual exercise) but it seems to combine the inconvenience of physical media with the ephemeralness of streaming music that can be taken away from you in a whim.
CDs may be out of fashion, but once you own it, it can't just vanish in a whiff of copyright licensing smoke.

@welshcake That looks pretty big. Perhaps you could get rid of the loose plastic, and cut the cardboard to size better.

@pla One of my favorite features was being able to have one's feed go over to Google (Chat?Talk?) so that I could keep tabs on, and mark for replying later what was happening in my stream.

Looks like this is my 12 year anniversary on the . I don't have a first 'dent, but I found my email address confirmation from .ca

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@s0 Care to divulge what make/model this seemingly good device is?

@murph 40 miles isn't bad, until I realize that it's only 20% of a @pla ride.

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@art Looks like some things never change. The actual quick stop.

@DestinationLinux That's what I figured, but since I download and listen (or put on a USB drive for automotive listening) the filenames would be helpful for organizing. When a couple of podcasts do the same thing, it can be a mess.

@deavmi It was great in its day, drove 8 more more devices, all chained together. It was Considerably more popular before IDE and SATA took over the hard drive controller game by being cheaper, and subsequently included with everything.

@deavmi Looks like a SCSI host adapter. Mostly for hard drives, but can drive tape, and even things like scanners.

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@murph it depends. Israel was good at getting the numbers down but reopened too early. They’re seeing exponential growth for the second time, so it’s more or less semantic hairsplitting to call at a flare-up or the second wave. Other countries, like Poland, didn’t manage to get the numbers down. So it’s sustained growth.

@jwildeboer I get why you chose that. The US, in this regard is 50 smaller states with differing policies and populations. A strong national response, with solid information and guidelines to help the states make better decisions would have been great, but that's not what we got.

@jwildeboer Is this actually the second wave, or the tail end of the first wave?

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