#2287 "Pathogen Resistance" 

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Remember when Identica was the main fediverse hub, and individual statuses were called "dents"?

Those were the good old days.
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The hackers.town Rosetta@home team (boinc.bakerlab.org/rosetta/tea) has an overall score of 1219541.2377293305 credits as of the morning of 30 March 2020.

If a cyborg replaces their non-dominant arm with one they bought on ebay is that.. 

@normandc No one born between 1964 and 1981. We don't exist.

Is he carrying his weapons around in a bowling ball bag?

@pla I'm a pretty big, fat guy too. With that many square inches of blaze orange, if you can't see me, maybe you should pull over and contemplate things before piloting around a 3 ton SUV?

@pla I saw her as she approached the stop sign, and gave lots of room. That's life riding in a densely populated area.

This is pretty close to the work setup. The laptop on the left would get replaced with my work Windows laptop. Weekend setup, as it were.

@robert I've been seeing it on and off too. Not frequently, but occasionally.

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@randynose As far as I know, yes, and it will keep coming back until there is a vaccine developed.

@robert Good to see it's still doable on newer Macs. They seem to be getting ever-hostile to installing Linux.

@Shufei amnesia, panic, scramble through email for clues.

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