Had to take a break from for a ride Sadly, this bike store has been closed for years.

Happy Birthday
Here's a picture that I found today. Probably circa 1994 or 5. The Large PC case to the right is actually a case for 3-6 SCSI hard drives, and a tape drive. Feel free to AMA about the old gear.

@art Looks like some things never change. The actual quick stop.

@art@art@mastodon.sdf.org Here's the original store from 2011. With my leaning against it, of course.

Does the intersection of Alps and summit imply that I've been climbing hills correctly?

Back out to Main St. good to see everyrhing back to normal.

This is pretty close to the work setup. The laptop on the left would get replaced with my work Windows laptop. Weekend setup, as it were.

The virus might not be the mist dangerous thing out here. I just had an SUV roll a stop sign and almost run me over on the while I was wearing this. She "Didn't see me."

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