Linux on the desktop will never be as smooth as OSX, have as many programs as Windows. GIMP will never be Photoshop, editing video will never be the same as Windows, games will always run better on the platform that they're written for: Windows. There will always be loudmouth jerks in the community. There are a million reasons not to run Linux or BSD on the desktop, if you disregard freedom and community. I hope that a free desktop can persist if people give up because of the imperfections

@murph There's a lot to unpack here. It is *because* of high market share that free-world-hostile options have poured more resources into non-free software. Shifting the same resources to free sw yields better results b/c reuse trades duplication of effort is traded for more features & quality. Financing non-free sw is like renting instead of owning; the cost is a waste in the long run.

@resist1984 I agree. I'm just frustrated at more and more people leaving (or never joining) the Free software and Linux communities.
Many people seem to set the bar for acceptance very high for Linux and/or Free software, but are quite forgiving of flaws in proprietary systems.
I tend to be more forgiving of community projects, due to not feeling like I contribute enough to really complain about the state of things.

@murph @resist1984 I remember a comment who someone said in the Hispanic community, he/she said that now there are many people complaining but a lot of less collaborating.

I have seen people who comes to forums demanding support and being so rude, then they are crying on their blogs because people from those forums replied so rude.

@murph @resist1984 yeah... I might be biased but I think it's actually easier to use Linux these days than, say, 10 or 20 years ago. There's a proliferation of, say, how to install apps, sure, but Flatpak (and, ugh, sure, Snaps) are overall a good thing.

@murph pretty sure the games thing isn’t universally true. I think the real problem is comfort and convenience. People like what they’re used to, and for most, abstract concepts like privacy and freedom aren’t beneficial enough to pay the cost of using something new or different.

@murph There is a lot of people all over the world that cannot afford windows, mac, Photoshop etc. And most of them don't even know free software exists.
GIMP, Krita, Flowblade... The list is extensive. That is such a waste of potential creativity. Missed opportunities and empowerment.

it is by design. not the designs of free software affectionaires. "big tech" actively subdues proliferation of freedom ideas, both libre and gratis. no amount of advocacy will get around financially incentived sabotage.

there was a free newspaper that went out of print because of no readership. how would people read it if the stands withold distribution? then they claim people do not read nor like the paper. similar happens with free software.

@nergal @murph Yes you are right and i completely agree. Also this sabotage sometimes seems to have government backing, free stuff and free ideas often becoming criminalized.

I agree with each sentance individually and completly disagree with the whole point.

Linux is run on a large mayority of devices worldwide. It won already and has no competition.
Desktop linux is a weird hill to die on but ok.

A free desktop will always persist because there will always be people wanting freedom
My favourite software doesn't need to be industry standard for me to enjoy it

@murph All of those are kinda true, but that is really only because people believe it to be. If everybody use GIMP, people would say Photoshop is garbage. They do all they need to. Kdenlive is good enough to be compared to Adobe and Blackmagic's offerings, but nobody does because they've never heard of it.

@murph Oh, and then there's blender, which is the industry standard don't forget...

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