Happy Birthday
Here's a picture that I found today. Probably circa 1994 or 5. The Large PC case to the right is actually a case for 3-6 SCSI hard drives, and a tape drive. Feel free to AMA about the old gear.

It's kind of amazing how much of this stuff I still have.

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it me

but looking in my basement, garage, and closet

@murph I'm more curious about the ?pinback? button collection on the wall there, most of them look very wordy, what's the story behind those?

@HappyWizard I was actively collecting them back then. That is probably 1/4 to 1/3 of the total collection. I was getting them from Nancy from at various conferences where she had a booth set up. Haven't seen her in many years though. Many of the buttons were lifted from usenet and fidonet as far as I could tell. Great stuff though. I've got all of those buttons somewhere in boxes.

@murph interesting, and impressive the site looks like it's from that era as well! Thanks for the reply 👍
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