Can I safely build an oven with range top, into a pinball machine?


Do you mean to take an oven with a range top, and build it into a pinball machine, or to take a pinball machine, and install an oven in it.
Sorry, I have no idea of the safety implications of either.

@murph The latter. Suppose I empty out a pinball machine chassis, removing the pinball playing surface and the glass.

Then I would remove the exterior (other than the top and the door) of a small oven, and install it in the pinball machine chassis.

Perhaps instead of an oven, I should use a small microwave oven and some electric range burners on top.

Now I can cook dinner accompanied by the sound effects & lights of The Addams Family, Elvira, KISS, or whichever machine I can find.

@matt I'm no expert, but it sounds like the microwave idea might work, but ovens or burners sounds like a recipe for disaster in a device not designed to withstand heat. (And probably old and made largely of wood besides)

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