The virus might not be the mist dangerous thing out here. I just had an SUV roll a stop sign and almost run me over on the while I was wearing this. She "Didn't see me."

@murph Wow, thats horrible. Stay safe! You couldn't be more obvious with a bright orange sweatshirt!

@murph Just saw this. Glad you are OK. Drivers are more distracted than normal if that is even possible. :peace:

@pla I saw her as she approached the stop sign, and gave lots of room. That's life riding in a densely populated area.

@pla I'm a pretty big, fat guy too. With that many square inches of blaze orange, if you can't see me, maybe you should pull over and contemplate things before piloting around a 3 ton SUV?

@murph LOL. I don't recall you being heavy when we were at Southeast Linux Fest many moons ago.

Everyone should contemplate driving a 3 ton SUV. Ludicrous vehicles.

No excuse for not seeing you. Some drivers are oblivious. Stay safe. :peace:

@murph @pla Maybe she just should not have been on her phone. :smart:

Glad to hear you're OK, murph. Lots of idiots on the roads driving heavy projectiles-on-wheels. Be safe my friend. 🙏

You too, pla! 👍

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