@thegibson Two laptops, still not enough surface area on just the tops.

@murph "You're purchasing another laptop? Making some kind of renderfarm?"

"No, a stickerfarm."

@johnnynull @thegibson Well, the MacBook is from 2007, and the ThinkPenguin from 2015, so I was due for new gear. So it wasn't bought for sticker space. (Well, not JUST for sticker space)

@murph @thegibson

Hey, psst! Want some surface area? *pulls open the bootlegger trench coat*

@CarbonCatalyst @murph @thegibson

Sorry, I can´t handle more than 80x24, do you have a smaller surface area as well? :flan_smile:

@CarbonCatalyst @murph @thegibson
I put a matte black wrap on the XPS 15, so it may look like a blank canvas, but it's actually 100% Total Sticker Coverage :goose_hacker:

@zpojqwfejwfhiunz @murph @thegibson
Hmmm.... Schrödinger's sticker? It's not a sticker as long as nobody observes it more closely?

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