Can I get a collective review of the new PC that I'm building for myself? In addition to the following, I'l be using my existing nVidia 750Ti. (Next one will be AMD, but I can use this for now)

Should be a beast. Just make sure either A) you buy the mobo with the updated bios for ryzen 3000 support or B) you have a second gen ruzen CPU to upgrade the bios yourself

@cygnus316 I heard about that. I'm buying local, (Microcenter) so I'll make sure that they take care of that before I pick the parts up.

Yea for sure. I shop at microcenter too and they are really helpful and clear about what they sell so you have no worries.

@murph The chassis is not to my personal taste (and that is OK! :) ) Overall it looks like a decent rig for under $800. Nice job on it. The 750 will be the bottleneck for now, but better than nothing.

@murph I have this build but with a 2700x instead. It is great!

@murph What kind of cooling do you have? I find that the stock fans CPUs ship with are generally inadequate. To compare, this is what I have picked out for my build. Other than that, it looks great 👍

@amolith I've heard good things about the newer ones. I think I'm going to try the stock one, I have no intention to overclock.

@murph @amolith the AMD ones are not that bad and if you don't buy a cpu without cooler you can just replace it later.

@amolith @murph they are generally just very loud. Even a cheaper one like makes a difference especially when you run a server 24/7 not in the closet.

@murph I had an 745 Ti and I must admit that it is quite basic. You can show a desktop with it but not real gaming.

@sandro I'm using it now, on an older machine. I'm not a big gamer, and I can always upgrade later.

@murph I don't know your upgrade plans but that PSU might be a bit overkill.
Also I would go with 1TB of NVME for a desktop.

@sandro Suggestion on calculating for less power? As far as the nvme, the price jump to 1TB was big. I have other drives around. I may put some spinning rust in there too, so I have to figure that into the power supply.

@murph I would use some online calculator like .
I think a 500W should be enough but do some research and don't take my word.

@murph Looks respectable to me, if you need to cut the price most people can get away comfortably with less ram unless you know you need it. I'm not familiar with the company who makes that nvme, I like samsung. But its probably fine.

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