I should probably introduce myself. I've been using GNU/Linux for over 20 years now, since way back in the Slackware days. I've been a regular attendee of some of the US Linux conferences, and have finally gotten up the nerve to present at a few. I also do a bit of bicycle and motorcycle riding when the weather allows.

@murph Nice, I've used it for about 8 years now. Tried Slackware a little more than a year ago and was surprised by the community. I found Alienbob's scripts from 2004 and kept working with minor tweaks. I took a step back 'cuz I couldn't install selinux, but I'm looking forward to go back

@RickBatty I have to confess that I haven't actually run Slackware for ages. I mostly run Fedora and Ubuntu, and (to study for my RHCE) Centos.

@murph Fedora is my goto distro. Just a few hours ago I upgraded to 29 from my EOL 27, fresh server/minimal install.

The SELinux out of the box for RH distros is a win for me, maybe later I'll pursue a RH cert, currently going for LFCE

@murph Welcome on masto :-)

bicycles: @vfrmedia

Only guys I know. You may also want to check out trunk:

BTW, my first install was from ygdrzill... who the heck can spell that? And slack in 94.

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