For many years I thought that is the best game ever but since I know - I must say it's the shit!

Installing is pain even though there are good instructions and a supportiv community!

Reactivated -uae to play with latest teams/player database but something's wrong with joystick config. :-/
Got a speedlink .

Using at work for a week: even though it's a young project it's already incredibly mature.
Of course it's a different workflow than with but still very effective - and fun!
On wayfire I use keyboard shortcuts more frequently. I use more workspaces than I use activities in plasma because managing minimized windows are easier (active corner option). Not used to do much ALT+Tab.
Only thing it's hard to get used to is the missing taskbar tray.

feels like the early days of but with more bugs. Using it (currently -20) as a daily driver for a few months on .
Most annoying: is working horribly. It's sluggish and buggy, some episodes can't be played. Sadly it's the worst app on my phone and in the same time the most used.

Work starts on monday again. My work envrionment usually is with . This time I try + . So excited about wayfire. Most exciting right now.
What I use at work: , , , , , (for Office365 documents),


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