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Weekje vrij dus lekker de tijd om met Friendica te puzzelen. Op Brutsellog ook activitypub geactiveerd [ ]
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Last Sunday the UK/US/CA/AU/NZ/IN/JP govts issued a statement asking tech companies to add backdoors into E2E encryption. This is a big deal: unfortunately *backdoors do not work*. Read about our alternative: combating abuse via decentralised reputation.🔒

Nice :) A new song by Ashbury Heights => Spectres From the Black Moss (Official Lyric Video)

So I use matrix for chat, rssread , domotica messages and more ... Do you using it also? No? Than start using it :) at you can select a homeserver .. my favorite is , come over .

If you use your own domain for email, go check if it is secure.

The matrix publiclist is updated .. now more ip and uptime info about the free public matrix homeservers.

There is also a list of public bridges for using with matrix and other platforms : .. Do you know more give a shout.

What is going on? Every day an other dutch (what I hear) ISP who gets a DDos to handle with .. and not so small one :(

Vandaag is het zover, UitMarkt Ede, te volgen via misschien kan je ook op de locaties zelf nog komen kijken, maakt het voor de artiesten net wat leuker.

De Uitmarkt Ede op 28 augustus is een gratis online festival dat live gestreamd wordt vanaf o.a. BIT-MeetMe. Klanten van BIT kunnen deze optredens bijwonen. Lees hier meer op

Matrix Synapse got an update to 1.18.0 .. mmm change of workers , is the "old" way still working?

Help Nederland digitaal veiliger te maken. Ontdek of jij veilig e-mailt en doe de test via

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Hey you! We have Synapse release candidate ready to go check it out if you would like to help us test. 1.18.0rc2 contains sharding support for federation senders, client readers and push workers.

Other nice piece of software So you can read tweets and get RSS feeds from it :) Have also a docker for the public

Do you know that you can search without to be followed ?! Try a instance for searching the web. Finetune your settings , enable or disable search engines and voila .. mine is

If you are searching for a free public matrix homeserver there is a page with some of them :


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