Matrix Synapse got an update to 1.18.0 .. mmm change of workers , is the "old" way still working?

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Can we
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Help Nederland digitaal veiliger te maken. Ontdek of jij veilig e-mailt en doe de test via

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Hey you! We have Synapse release candidate ready to go check it out if you would like to help us test. 1.18.0rc2 contains sharding support for federation senders, client readers and push workers.

Other nice piece of software So you can read tweets and get RSS feeds from it :) Have also a docker for the public

Do you know that you can search without to be followed ?! Try a instance for searching the web. Finetune your settings , enable or disable search engines and voila .. mine is

If you are searching for a free public matrix homeserver there is a page with some of them :


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