for the past couple years, i've written all my "real" code (i.e. something bigger than a shell script) in Python.

i like Python. it's super easy to write things that work in Python, and it's generally easy to read code written in Python.

however, as i move my life towards more low-power and up-cycled hardware, i fear Python may be a bit too clunky, or have too much overhead.

anyone have language opinions for low-power hardware?

me: "software will make the world infinitely better, more equal, and more connected."

also me: *doesn't work on things that make the world infinitely better, more equal, or more connected*

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neil gaiman: i'm a bit problematic ;__; but don't tell anyone ;)))

william burroughs: i shot my wife and fled to tangiers

we really need to stop normalizing/idolizing "<person> is a complete asshole, but they have a knack for <some skill>, so we put up with it."

you are a human being before a you are a skill-doer.

back in the Before Times, a relaxing way to spend a Sunday would have been to get a Mani-Fedi, which is when you get your nails done and, at the same time, try to extricate yourself from the centralized behemoth commercial web

"'The Secret of NIMH' and the secret to my success? Same secret."

Thank you for coming to what would have been my Ted talk if the folks at Ted had the decency to write me back or if my name were Ted.

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the largest private holders of YOUSEbucks can very over time, but as of this writing they are:
- my wife
- my mother
- the Winklevoss twins (they bet big on the ICO)

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YOUSEbucks are not fungible, nor are they tangible.

YOUSEbucks are backed by the gold standard, according to the age-old wisdom: "Make new friends, but keep the old / One is silver, and the other, gold."

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Also, the YOUSEbucks-to-cats exchange rate always favors the holder of YOUSEbucks.

You can always get more cats per YOUSEbuck than you think you can.

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YOUSEbucks are inherently impossible to speculate in, as their real value is inversely related to the value you want them to have. in this way, YOUSEbucks are a bit like cats.

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YOUSEbucks are not backed by the blockchain -- there is no trusted distributed ledger.

there's also no trusted centralized ledger -- i don't always write things down and can be forgetful.

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money is hard. from now on, i will exclusively be dealing in YOUSEbucks, a currency i just began issuing moments ago.

thank you for your understanding.

me: all software is bad!

also me: continues to write (bad) software

maybe i'm over-generalizing here, but it kinda seems like everything is always bad and will continue to be bad forever.

check out this dark and cozy corner of the internet:

come for the e-drinks, stay for the e-company.

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It is not important to me which distro someone is using. I am celebrating that you are using GNU/Linux. 🤗 At the end of the day, we're all using the same software and the same kernel.🤔😇 :copyleft: :tux:

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working on a bleep-bloop CLI music player for local files and Spotify tracks. would love any feedback, positive or negative.

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