@mike for the love of God please get 16-oz coffee mugs. Don't even fucking bother with the 11 or 12 oz small size.

Last movie I saw was 1917 march of last year. I am currently sitting in an empty theater about to watch a monkey and lizard beat the shit out of each other.


@tinfoil_hat @fosstodon change your name and thereby and validate all previously dispersed data

@nomad imo it is all speculative and personality cult now. It's not stable enough to be of any real reliable use to anyone day to day, just a low barrier of entry to "something cool they talk about in the news". Like vaping.

I got proxmox ve setup on a spare computer. Added the 2x 2tb drives, added ubuntu iso and downloaded template. Setup a working VM and pulled keys from github. Logged in from my desktop and it all works.

Now what? Move all my docker containers to their own VMs?

@brandon an extra wide trench wedger, so I can quickly drive it in the lawn, wiggle it back and forth and make a v, drop in some cable and not have to dig up the whole yard. Since I'm not removing material the v will close back up over time.

I saw a guy make one similar in a YouTube video and he wanted $140 for it, so I thought instead of that I'll just spend like $250 or $300 on tools and make it myself.

I am interviewing for jobs atm, and I swear to god if I get one person who says that I impressed them with my "Attention to Detail" and "Work style test IAR" Indeed quizzes I will eat my fuckin shoe.

@nomad Yeah I didn't ask to be informed about it either, gonna hope this works like the tape from the Ring and now you gotta spread it to someone or you'll buy into it in 7 days.

I'm not getting . The hype around that reminds me a lot of beanie babies.

Few days later and I'm getting the hang of this. Note: prep makes welding 10,000 x easier.

Very first attempt stick welding. Work was on the floor and I was seated, so probably not as easy as it could have been. But you can see a couple of sort of beads there. Rest of it looks like robocops hemorrhoids.

Whoever invents heat shrink tube that is slotted with a super glue strip to fix the "ahh forgot to jacket it before soldering" mistakes will make some $$$

@0PT41N yeah a nas with some services for personal use more or less.

@0PT41N I'll have to double check to confirm, but it's an optiplex 7010 sff transplanted to a bigger case, i5 3470, 16gb ddr3, about to have ~6tb of drives when sata card gets here. Awaiting a normal atx power supply.

Gonna 3d print some HDD sized enclosures for my orange pis and have the inside of this monster case be a self contained server closet

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