I'm not getting . The hype around that reminds me a lot of beanie babies.

@mrpatg I had to read what NFTs are after reading this, and I almost wish I hadn't.


@nomad Yeah I didn't ask to be informed about it either, gonna hope this works like the tape from the Ring and now you gotta spread it to someone or you'll buy into it in 7 days.

@mrpatg Is it just me or does crypto seem to keep finding harder and harder ways to be lame?

I remember trying Filecoin or something ten years ago. Since then I feel like it's pretty much just been {anything + crypto == profit}.

@mrpatg I seriously wonder what value crypto adds to the quality of our lives.

@nomad imo it is all speculative and personality cult now. It's not stable enough to be of any real reliable use to anyone day to day, just a low barrier of entry to "something cool they talk about in the news". Like vaping.

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