As an academic, I have always thought that you had to be crazy to want to go into academia. The benefit is that you get to do what you love, whereas the downside is that you are overworked, not paid well, and have to deal with aggressive alpha males who are the best adapted to surviving this crazy system.

So yes, if you mistakenly thought that becoming an academic would be just like getting a "normal job" then of course you might want to be .


Someone recently told me the story of a department chair saying "Why should you expect to get paid more when you would do the same work for even less ?" And it is true: I am that person, and I am not normal. I knew that from the beginning. But just because it has always been like that doesn't justify that we should continue with our cherished traditions.

@mrak My answer: "Because I deserve to be remunerated not only for the work but also for the experience that I garnered which allows me to do the work effectively"

@mrak What that department chair is saying is that all that corporate speak about caring about employees and being a family is all made up to make you feel complacent and obligated, and they'll rip you off and even potentially dump you if you expect to be treated with even the most basic modicum of respect. You're a cog in their machine, and that's it. If they're expecting more from you than what they're paying you to do, then you're being taken advantage of. That's it.

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