New release of Boule, our reference ellipsoids and normal gravity package! If you're working with geophysics + gravity data from the Earth or across the solar system, this package is for you!

v0.4.0 contains a new logo, lots of documentation improvements, new classes, compatibility with pymap3d for coordinate conversions, and breaking changes. Checkout all that's new:

Big thanks to Agustina Pesce, Chris Dinneen, and Santiago Soler for contributing to this release! 💖


🤝 First impressions matter, so we’ve been working to improve our onboarding experience!

With a better ‘sign up and sign in’ flow & creating a new onboarding checklist, getting started with Element has never been easier 💚


Today, AntennaPod turns a decade old! 🎉 We are
🙏 thankful for the creator, maintainers & all other contributors
🙌 proud of & honored by the tens of thousands of users who chose AntennaPod
💪 eager for the next 10 years of innovation, collaboration & app development!

This, right here, is why companies everywhere should not use social media alone for service status updates.

The fact that Proton's status page says we should go to Twitter for "more information" means that Proton is less accessible to folks without Twitter accounts. And that's no good.

You know that thing where people make fun of a terrible opinion by writing it in a mixture of upper and lower case? It's probably not a good idea.

Screenreader software used by blind or partially-sighted people interprets capital letters as the beginning of a word.

This means that a phrase written as "FiNe PEopLe oN BoTh siDeS" will sound like gibberish.

If accessibility matters to you, try to avoid doing this.

#FediTips #Accessibility #A11y

Does anyone know if there is a way to send a full resolution photo with Signal on android?

At the entrance of a mall just outside of Paris I saw this discreet message on the ground: "Here, get yourself filmed so that we won't see you anymore. Stay in this zone for 10 seconds and you won't be included in our statistics."

What do you do?

I managed to successfully replace branches of Google and Microsoft monopolies for personal use: for mail, for search, for browsing (desktop & mobile), and Murena + /e/ + Fairphone for smartphones. These migrations were mostly painless.

I'm still stuck with others though: 🧵

⁦@k9mail_app⁩, a project I started way back in 2008 has found a forever home as part of the Mozilla family! Congrats to ⁦@cketti⁩ on making this happen!

Someone recently told me the story of a department chair saying "Why should you expect to get paid more when you would do the same work for even less ?" And it is true: I am that person, and I am not normal. I knew that from the beginning. But just because it has always been like that doesn't justify that we should continue with our cherished traditions.

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As an academic, I have always thought that you had to be crazy to want to go into academia. The benefit is that you get to do what you love, whereas the downside is that you are overworked, not paid well, and have to deal with aggressive alpha males who are the best adapted to surviving this crazy system.

So yes, if you mistakenly thought that becoming an academic would be just like getting a "normal job" then of course you might want to be .

It's official - now speaks Matrix!! 🚀🚀🚀🎉🎊🎆 Incredibly exciting to see an existing flagship FOSS communication platform independently select Matrix for secure, decentralised interoperability - read all about it at Who's next?! :D

Maybe they are worried about whether is planet or not? Or whether Earth's should be capitalized? Or whether researchers have too many gratuitous affiliations?

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I never noticed this before: Scientific journals published by Nature add this note at the end of *every* single scientific article, whether there is a reason to or not....

"Publisher’s note: Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations."

Does anyone know of a good pihole DNS block list for all of Twitter? Or is it as simple as just something like *

As we released Nextcloud 24, we would like to give the opportunity to our community to get more involved and contribute.

This survey aims to learn more about our users. Feedback much appreciated! ✨

Link to the survey:


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