@lebel It’s pretty cool, yeah. Using 1Password for so long, I never thought about looking for an alternative until I got into Linux. I needed something cross-platform and came across bitwarden. I was amazed by it.

@lebel @mrBatsu just tried it as alternative to current pwmanager, looks easy to use. Is the tech behind secure (I guess so)? What about self hosting? Nonfree tech inside (mssql) which requires licensing. And a lot of MS stuff used: does it do its job or additionally other peoples jobs? Will it be available in future? At least I am not confident about using such tech. But I see it is hyped a lot: why? Client integration?

@marwe @lebel @mrBatsu the project is open source, I don't think there would be much nonfree tech inside. Unless you mean their cloud platform, in which case you are able to self host and be the one in control of it. with self hosting, it would be plausible to have it last indefinitely into the future barring any major change to the world as we know it. I'm not familiar with the database type that it prefers, since I don't self host, but I'd imagine you could fiddle with it.

@marwe @lebel @mrBatsu i wasn't able to mention due to text limits, but I am responding from the non-business viewpoint. Bitwarden has special features for businesses that may be of importance to you, that you have to pay for even if you self-host. I have not paid (ha) any attention to those features, unfortunately.

@tsalvgi @lebel @mrBatsu you need a license for bitwarden (without cost for basic). Plus for the mssql db license from microsoft (hidden behind business speak, could not find details). And I am not so confident with the extra, paid features (teams, multiple users etc) being separate and not open source, inacceptable for. So you have dependencies to external services even if you host it yourself. Mssql is a blob, paid features a blob, noth;not so good for my password security...

@utahcon Thanks for the heads up. The domain was set less than a day ago, I’m still having some DNS propagation issues. On my end sometimes it loads, some others it won’t. You can try write.as/mrbatsu, that should work. Thanks 😊

@tinfoil_hat I have no experience with KeePass, so can’t help you there. Also, I’m not an expert on password managers. Maybe this will help: slant.co/versus/2824/19421/~ke

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