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@zethra He's preaching to the Gulag from his special Google guard tower. Because he wants to reach that wide audience right? What a selfless act of courage! People can't seem to get enough of these YouTube videos about YouTube privacy, so YouTube rewards the creators who make them so people stay on YouTube. Literally nothing to see here that's worth staying for. Run!

@paladin I'm not sure, but vegan leather alternatives exist, as well as fabrics of all kinds. Rubber doesn't have to be processed oil and non-toxic waterproofing should be possible as well. It's just that all of this is quite new and it seems a rare question. I know the planet is a burning corpse already, but I don't want to use my boots to kick it even more. I'm not a vegetarian, just completely fed-up with the lies from the "animal processing industry".

I am looking for advice from vegan hikers. Need gear advice, especially shoes. If possible without plastic and toxic water repellents.

better procedural justice would improve our distributive justice and hopefully also our retributive justice

@jasper Op NOS werd genoemd dat het gaat om mensen die bewapening en burgeroorlog nastreven. Klopt dat?

@qwazix No it's not mild, it affects several key neurotransmitters.

@qwazix I wouldn't normally advice self medicating, as there are many variables and even some contra-indications. Don't take it with SSRIs.

@lopeztel I'm the kind of person that gets excited over buying the perfect set of screwdrivers.

@FreePietje Ja ik begrijp je wel. Hoe vaak moeten we het nog herhalen? No worries. Ik heb een grote bek en blijf het zeggen. ;)

@garritfra Also explains why so few people try. And for that I thank you.

Invasive surveillance methods used against all civilians, without proper regard for what is lawful. No court order needed, and so on. Very worrying stuff.

tired: Queer Dating
wired: meeting human beings who share your interests naturally through organic social connections and evaluating them as individuals rather than a collection of labels

One of the earliest things that Alzheimer's has taken from my mom is her #art. She was a multi-media artist and can't focus ideas let alone remember skills.

She was super-stoked to show me this picture on her iPhone yesterday, the same phone that is her most-hated piece of tech right now because she can't remember how it works most of the time.

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