125.000 Dutch people sign petition trying to stop a large "corona test party" with thousands attending.

It would be larger than the many other test parties being held every week.

The responsible minister advocates for these events. They are presented as scientific, but there is also skepsis as millions of profit are being made by the lucky business owners involved.

They and their overly optimistic party goers defending these events may indeed be biased in their judgment.

@arjen Was een leuke grap geweest zonder deze Google scripts. Nu is het vooral een tragische demonstratie van ons collectieve onvermogen om een fatsoenlijke website zonder surveillance op te leveren.


Good, but shocking article from EFF about FLoC.

"Google has pledged to make sure that cohorts aren’t too tightly correlated with “sensitive categories” like race, sexuality, or medical conditions."

An internet browser should not ever even document things like race and gender!

Preventing correlation is not an acceptable argument for this kind of invasion.

Get these idiots out of my system please.


@thor I slowed it down to 25% again using , but first I normalized the audio and added two rounds of thick reverb.


Listening to a very interesting podcast from FLOSS Weekly, in which Keith Packard from freedesktop.org gives his view on the RMS question.

Enclosed is a very interesting minute of that episode.

Finally hearing a good (Dutch) explanation on the legal cases on climate change.

Explanations about the role and meaning of the 'Trias Politica' and 'Rechtstaat', hosting legal expert Laura Burgers.


I highly recommend listening to episode 370 of this podcast of excellent hostpersonship welcoming both listeners and actor Tahar Rahim (The Mauritanian, Un Prophète).


Good rant. Without getting into Wayland here, I wish to discuss this particular sentence:

"It has a real cost, you know, being a dick to maintainers."

In the last years, we've seen many more maintainers giving the same signal. It's a pattern that circumscribes a critical threat to FOSS. Is this on our radar?

FOSS maintainers get too much abuse. Some of which I think may be organized. How can we protect them better?


This is an excellent graph from NOS.nl showing how the UK variant (also B.1.1.7, or Kent variant) could become prevalent in the Netherlands.

The reason for this is that this variant's Rt is currently at ~1.3, while the other corona's Rt is at ~0.9.

(Source: invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=)

Newsboat has a good search function!

I allow it to catch most RSS feeds, including ones that I don't use Newsboat to play back.

This has allowed me to quickly find and redownload relevant content pertaining to a certain keyword and I recommend it.


Cooking my soaked black beans I find them breaking up before they taste done.

I've tried:
* longer soaking
* adding palm sugar during simmering
* adding various amounts of baking soda
* masking the taste (nope)

Different brands are difficult to find, but perhaps I'm sold stale beans. Is there a way to check?

Ideas and other tangents are welcome.

Public access to publicly funded science.

It doesn't sound so outlandish or unreasonable! The people already paid for it, why is it behind a paywall with surveillance and tracking?

Years later we are still in debt to Aaron Swartz for becoming a science-pirate, and making his powerful statement.

And especially for facing the exorbitant harassment that resulted and continued until he lost the will to live.


@sotneStatue I don't mind GNOME renaming things, but I dislike that it becomes quite difficult to a beginner to discover the true identity and therefore also the role, manual and docs of the installed packages.

(as the documentation for the package they rename is all under the real package name, which is difficult to find, I've even used 'top' to find the corresponding process..)

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