Listening to a very interesting podcast from FLOSS Weekly, in which Keith Packard from gives his view on the RMS question.

Enclosed is a very interesting minute of that episode.

This is an excellent graph from showing how the UK variant (also B.1.1.7, or Kent variant) could become prevalent in the Netherlands.

The reason for this is that this variant's Rt is currently at ~1.3, while the other corona's Rt is at ~0.9.


Interesting how embeds a birdtoot from one of their own reporters. And embedded as well, so it can peek back at the readers. Why does NOS direct their reader's browsers to interact with Twitter?

Furthermore the content of the tweet is itself worrying, as in summary it warns of quickly spreading COVID near Luik/Liège(BE).

Here the Dutch news article (watch out for the embedded junk)

This new mural was claimed by Banksy, according to the news.

Except when I put it on pause, it doesn't really look like a mural and you can see the bolts.

I'm not sure what's going on there, but I'm expecting shenanigans now, also because of earlier shenanigans.

"This is currently required by the kernel due to a dependency bug"

Is more information available? The statement has no link to this bug and I wasn't able to quickly find it.

Interesting presentation today by RIVM (the Dutch CDC)

Significant contribution from student housing / dormitories suggested / implied.

you and google 

First item to greet you in the Chromium settings.

This time I cooked, then wrung out, then marinated the TVP chunks in porter beer, tamari and garlic overnight, then turned it into a hot red curry with chilis, bell peppers and even more garlic. Humble looking chow, but it packs a punch.

Gnome help needed 

Where can I change the directory in the picture? By default it is set to the root of my homedir and that is not where I keep my wallpapers.

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