@wolftune That is a great use of space!

PS: it is somewhat funny the preview for the site is the cookie consent form 😅 oops

@falktx NPR also does something unique after that; when you click "show me the choices", it doesn't show you cookie choices, instead taking you straight to a text only version with no scripts. I wish more sites did that, but by default.


@mplammers @falktx

I actually always forget about the fact that links do all sorts of weird things for other people. I use several browser plugins, so I usually just go to sites and see content, and that's that. I forget about popovers and ads and paywalls and such except abstractly.

Incidentally, I hate these things as much as ever. I might find that surprising (why hate something I often don't know is there?), but then I realize I've specifically avoided *desensitizing* myself.


@wolftune By the way, your solar + agriculture project reminded me of this cool project (desalination of sea water + tomatoes):




wow, neat! In case there was any confusion the solar + agriculture project isn't mine in any way, I presume "your" was just in terms of me bringing it up


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