Almost back from my cycling trip, a grey van slowed down alongside, a door slid open, they sprayed me with water pistol with an unknown liquid and yelled things I could not make out.

Lots of other cyclist were left alone. While I was speeding on, thinking what just happened to me, at the next crossing, again the door slid open for spraying and yelling.

I saw they were stuck behind a traffic light further on and took out my camera. When I photographed the van, they sped off wishing me cancer.

@mplammers Ugh. Degenerates. Remember they're the minority. I can't recommend a cycle camera highly enough.

@mplammers a bit worrying as whilst this happens fairly regularly in UK I thought such behaviour was less common in NL?

@jasper @mplammers

its seems to be more a thing that happens in England, and the victims are "lucky" if its only water and not something more unpleasant with a GHS warning sticker..

its also why I always drive with windows fully up and accept the hit in fuel consumption from using the airco even in high summer - its not just fash who get "milkshaked.."

@mplammers Ugh, sorry to hear, sounds awful. I don't know how common it is to spray cyclists in the Netherlands. With water or otherwise. Are you worried?

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