Listening to a very interesting podcast from FLOSS Weekly, in which Keith Packard from gives his view on the RMS question.

Enclosed is a very interesting minute of that episode.

@mplammers why can they change it? I _mean_ pretty sure they can't change the licenses, it would literally be like changing contracts unilaterally afterward. (which only Darth Vader can do)

IANAL.. but.. it seems pretty unlikely.

*However* licenses have a "or any later version" in it, this doesn't reduce your ability to use it under the current license... But the FSF in principle can change the later versions and for crazy instance, sell those to companies.

@mplammers perhaps haven't listened to the podcast yet, maybe they say something that makes me wrong?

Also if you keep track of all the contributors and can agree, you can change newer licenses altogether, some companies use this to sell software aswel. "dual licensing".

If there is a chance you can't be practically contacted to agree to changing licenses, just in case, waiving your authorship part of the copyright on a submission to GPL code could be a good idea sometimes..

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