Good rant. Without getting into Wayland here, I wish to discuss this particular sentence:

"It has a real cost, you know, being a dick to maintainers."

In the last years, we've seen many more maintainers giving the same signal. It's a pattern that circumscribes a critical threat to FOSS. Is this on our radar?

FOSS maintainers get too much abuse. Some of which I think may be organized. How can we protect them better?

@mplammers I think Fedilab's model @apps (put the maintainers behind a filter of volunteers in a sense) might be a good way to start

@Matter @mplammers @apps That's not effectively different from what a distro is though isn't it? I don't think it will do any good when default system software gets changed out from underneath people.

@mplammers I really don't get all of the wayland hate that I see around some places, yeah I can't really use it as it is now, but I'm liking it quite a lot the few times I've tried it out, apart from the having to write qwerty part :p

@sotolf @mplammers I think it comes from people that got forced into it by their distros (most popular "plug and play" distros are shipping wayland as the default because of gnome) and don't quite understand what happened, they updated their computer and suddenly half their apps are slow/broken/different.

@swiley @mplammers might be yeah, I've only been using arch for so long now, I have to conciously do it, so it's easier for me to understand what has changed :)

@swiley @sotolf @mplammers I've never had any issues with Wayland whatsoever, but I can understand the frustration that people have with some distros setting Wayland as the default (in my opinion defaults should err on the conservative side of compatibility).

It's a sign of the times, I'm afraid. Everybody wants to have an opinion, but not everybody wants to make the effort of forming an opinion. If Wayland doesn't work the way you like/expect, and someone else says it's broken, then you have your answer. Problem solved: it's not your fault, it's someone else's. No need to investigate or experiment. And you have the right to be rude about it. Freedom of speech, you know...

@hans I think you've hit the nail on the head with that one. It's a combination of that, and the whole "I could do that better, how hard can it be to write a whatever app?"

Oh, and the "My use case is very important, and you're an idiot for not implementing it"

I'm not bitter tho 😄

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