Cooking my soaked black beans I find them breaking up before they taste done.

I've tried:
* longer soaking
* adding palm sugar during simmering
* adding various amounts of baking soda
* masking the taste (nope)

Different brands are difficult to find, but perhaps I'm sold stale beans. Is there a way to check?

Ideas and other tangents are welcome.

Not sure what the issue with yours is, but I just soak mine overnight and then cook them in a pressure cooker on high pressure for 60 minutes and they work fine.

Some things to try:
1. Salt the soak water for an overnight soak.
2. Do a quick soak, ie, bring to boil for one minute then let sit covered for 1 hr before cooking.
3. Use a pressure cooker (with or without the above)
4. Find some different beans you like better. Not all black beans are the same and there are lots of others. (I'm guessing this is the one that will work - some beans just aren't very good.)

Keep eating beans and keep tooting! 😎

@mplammers the Serious Eats site recommends not soaking black beans as it’s unnecessary. They have thinner skins than other kinds of beans.

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