I am looking for advice from vegan hikers. Need gear advice, especially shoes. If possible without plastic and toxic water repellents.

@mplammers Just curious... If hiking boot is not made of leather or synthetic materials, what else is there?

@paladin I'm not sure, but vegan leather alternatives exist, as well as fabrics of all kinds. Rubber doesn't have to be processed oil and non-toxic waterproofing should be possible as well. It's just that all of this is quite new and it seems a rare question. I know the planet is a burning corpse already, but I don't want to use my boots to kick it even more. I'm not a vegetarian, just completely fed-up with the lies from the "animal processing industry".

@mplammers I guess this material (fair trade) with appropriate additives should do for the boot sole:
Upper part should be canvas.
Maybe something called desert boot could be found made from appropriate materials. Good luck!

Hemp is the best alternative for the main part of the shoe where possible as it doesn't need much water, virtually any pesticides or gmo's. Generally speaking you're mainly looking at rubber for the soles, although it is actually possible to get hemp rubber/ plastic, too, although I'm not sure what kind of processing agents that takes and is much rarer to find.

Something else to consider - buying from a thrift store so you're not encouraging new manufacturing at all.

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