Introducing #Botober, a set of AI-generated drawing prompts for each day in October!

I generated these using GPT-3, a neural net trained on a huge amount of internet text, but not on drawing prompts specifically. (This explains a lot)

For the first #Botober collection I generated, I had GPT-3 generate "things". Here's an alternate collection in which I had the neural net generate "concepts". It's different, but I'm not sure if it's easier.

I'm hand-curating the GPT-3 generated #Botober prompts because many of the neural net's drawing prompts are terrible for one reason or another.
Here are some of the prompts that were unfairly difficult.

The neural net suggested #Botober drawing prompts based on how the words fit, and not on any concept of how the objects might look. This list makes that abundantly clear.

There are several ways of getting GPT-3 to generate drawing prompts.

For #Botober I chose to give it a short story to complete, in which it had to generate lines for an erratic station AI. The neural net took over after "1."


@janellecshane I had fun reading them, but I'm suspicious. How can they be so funny? Also "Juice for humans" comes up in two otherwise completely different runs? And both times it's the seventh entry. Were the runs correlated somehow? From what I understand about GPT-3, which is a vast network, that's a remarkable repetition considering the difference in prompts (story vs list). If I'm mistaken, GPT-3 and I have the same humor.

@mplammers I'm curating the best prompts that GPT-3 generates - the screenshot that has the story in it is an example of raw output from GPT-3. I did end up using #7 from that GPT-3 run for one of the prompt lists. I tried where possible to keep the numbers the same (although if I had two #7s I liked, I'd change one to #8 or another slot I had open). Hope this helps! I did see "giraffe" repeated a few times.

@janellecshane Sure helps. I think it's a remarkable display of synergy between writer and computer and as such I find it refreshing and new. I do maintain (but that is my personal opinion) that presenting more openly your procedure, curation and your part in this wonderful synergy would only make it better. Thank you for sharing these!

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