Some Google employees made a website. I would summarize their three objections as follows:

1) helping out border patrol and immigration with data
2) helping the fossil fuel industry with machine learning
3) doing (and publicly asking for more) mercenary work

I think these are also valid reasons to leave Google as a customer.

@mplammers fascinating. The author is a Presbyterian, so he uses the language of faith sometimes (eg likening activists to prophets), but I never compared greenwashing to buying indulgences before.

My particular big tech company doesn't do oil and gas, but on the other hand we are at the very least being utilized to manipulate politics globally. Sigh. I used to think of Google as my next destination but I'm not really sure about that now.

@mplammers this is something that's in my mind too.

My next step will *probably* be #pinephone when my current Android dies

@mplammers When I was still on :birdsite: I had a whole thread documenting all the horrible things #google was doing.
Theme: Google is not your friend

That was ofc a massive understatement. #GoogleIsEvil

One of them was about ONE employee leaving because of DragonFly (ggl for china). I found it astonishing that not whole swats of ppl left.

@mplammers Wow. This webpage is amazing. Outstanding. Exceptional! The author shatters a number of stereotypes that have begun to develop, even in my own mind, by displaying an acute awareness of the most pressing ethical issues facing us today — and deeply thoughtful and articulate recommendations for how to take meaningful action on these issues — even as he is: a Boomer; an evangelical church leader; and more. This one article gives me so much more hope that sanity will prevail.

@uyakon @mplammers A few more issues mentioned in the linked article:
1. Persecution and firings of trans and LGBTQ employee activists, rather than listening to them about how things can and should be made better;
2. Treating other activists in a similar fashion;
3. Spying on their own employees, internally;
4. Taking these steps from afar, rather than face to face with the employees in question. This allows the decision-makers to avoid treating these people as actual humans.

@uyakon @mplammers Thanks for sharing. I myself have taken the step of signing up for, addressing the unethical practices of another tech giant,

It’s just so encouraging to hear from actual tech workers who are continuing to take positive, diligent action on these and other urgent ethical issues, and to begin to realize just how many of us there are.

@mplammers But is it a reason to leave Google as *a product*?

@jautero @mplammers of course it is. Google profits from #surveillanceCapitalism, so it still profits from you even if you don't pay #Google a dime. Data is worth more than oil now. The only way to not be part of the problem is to stop using all Google services including the gratis services.

@mplammers leaving Google is easier said than done. I've attempted several things to get rid of Google and I've found it almost impossible. If you have any insight to share, that would be great.

@JamieLBarnett @mplammers I believe I'm free of Google but it's hard to answer you without knowing which #Google service you use that you believe is irreplaceable.

@resist1984 @mplammers
Hi. Thanks for responding. It's not that the services are irreplaceable, it's that I can't get Google out of my phone. I've disabled every function I could and it actually caused many issues with loss of data, apps not working, etc. I use Signal, Protonmail, Tor, Firefox, Duck Duck Go, etc. I keep trying to change my YouTube away from Google and I haven't been able to. I don't want to give them my new email address.

@JamieLBarnett @mplammers i #degoogle'd my phone without issues.. at least, without unexpected issues. No idea why you would have data loss. The only apps that should fail are those that rely on google services. OTOH I'm not a heavy phone user so I may have issues that aren't triggered. Apps should come from #fdroid.

@mplammers @JamieLBarnett BTW, #Signal has lots of privacy issues (see this famous thread: And DDG only pretends to be good for privacy; is better for privacy.

@onepict @mplammers I was baffled when I heard #Google was caught spending dark money on #ClimateDenial ( I thought "why would Google finance #Climate denial? Surely a generic opposition to regulation isn't enough explanation". Now we know why.. Google has a product to sell the fossil fuel industry.

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