I am 98.2% certain that I will -NOT- be using my #pinephone

As such I will be willing to sell it to someone that will do active work with it (dev, testing, etc...). The project *needs* people to *participate*, not just sit on hardware.

Basically I would like to recoup my cost, and that's about it. Will even throw in free shipping within the US.

@banjofox Please explain yourself. I'm guessing it's just not a good experience?


- The one I got has not even left the box
- I do not have time/skill/patience to test/develop/debug with it
- Because of $$ reasons I shouldn't have bought one in the first place, but I REALLY liked the idea, and forgot that I'd previously bought other "dev-kit" phones and never did anything with them in the past.

@banjofox I'm tempted to take the offer, but would like to replace my current phone, which has some touch screen issues.
For now that would probably mean running a version of Android (as wrong as that may seem, but the phone still has man advantages even with that and provides a clear upgrade path).
Do you know whether there's anything available currently? Besides: What would shipping to Germany cost?


Not sure how much DE shipping would be. From what I've heard from others (i.e @djsundog ) the phones are not /quite/ ready as full replacements

@banjofox @solarkraft also, Germany is the one country that hasn't allowed any pinephones in yet due to a lack of certification and despite being marked as test units and such. but yes, the software has a ways to go before you can use it as a linux daily driver, and a bit farther beyond that before it runs android apps as far as I can tell


@djsundog Hey, can I get a source on the pinephone being disallowed in Germany?

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