Software engineers are indoctrinated to believe: "People only hate ads when they aren't relevant." This doctrine has led to over 20 years of mass data collection. It's a lie, and if more engineers dared to question it, we'd get a lot further on #privacy.

@kylerankin engineers don't make those decisions. if the business unit says slap DRM and spyware on it and you don't, you get replaced with an engineer that does. :blobshrug:


@icedquinn @kylerankin
Let's take the emissions scamming software that Volkswagen created as another example. Winterkorn (facing 10 years in prison) could not have coded that himself. I hope one day we hear the whole story on how he got his developers to do it.

@mplammers @kylerankin Incrementalism (, apathy, "banality of evil" (a.k.a. people following local incentives, "knowing their place", "not rocking the boat" and so on), implicit fear of not getting promoted or getting shadow banned (ex. put on secret lists to suddenly have zeroes on their performance reviews so they can get shoved out legally.)

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