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The introductions here make Fosstodon what it is. I postponed mine long enough. Some might have noticed me around already.

I am happy to have joined Mastodon and Fosstodon in particular, finding here many cool and interesting minds engaging with things that interest me, like free software, privacy and the politics of our changing world. I like how reading your toots expands my view.

Most importantly I have joined because I believe in the power of freeing our conversations.

Dutch parliamentary debate:

Minister Hugo de Jonge (CDA) advises against involving Bits of Freedom in the process of checking privacy of corona-trac(k)ing app, as motioned by Esther Ouwerhand (PvdD).

Will instead inform parliament within one week about the verification process and which parties to involve.



La Liberté, c'est très surfait !

Coronavirus : le gouvernement planche sur le traçage numérique.
#confinementjour22 #Traçage #Tracking #trackingCovid19

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"A directory of direct links to delete your account from web services."

Also never forget this interview with Wesley Clark (by Amy Goodman):

Timeline is off and Lebanon may be 'spared', but otherwise his 'prediction' turned out to be scary accurate.

I think the war in Yemen was started by SA (with crucial support by the US) to give MBS some war experience/training for the real fight/war.

5G antenna installations are being destroyed, apparently. This could be because of many reasons, some of them paranoid, but there are other, legitimate objections as well.

I think that Woody Harrelson is an idiot if he believes that 5G causes corona, but so are these journalists if they think they have to blindly assume the most ridiculous of motivations for this kind of sabotage, without knowing who did it.

Dutch corona crisis team (OMT):
corona measure cannot be retracted before more data-surveillance and processing capacity is operational. quotes an unpublished letter, which they have in their possession:

"voldoende capaciteit en mogelijkheden voor bron- en contactopsporing beschikbaar zijn, inclusief de capaciteit om grote datastromen te analyseren, ook op regionaal niveau."

Tyranny never wastes a good crisis.

Gonna think about these release notes every time I look at the Signal app icon

I hope you are well in these unpresidented times.

They did. The crazy bastard actually did it!

Last night I witnessed a miracle of nature: a Monarch caterpillar transforming into a chrysalis. The most astonishing feat during this process was when the creature attached a little black rod { cremaster } to the foundation of silk which it has previously laid securely on the branch of Swan Plant, on which it had been feeding, just before shedding the last of its former skin.

I have photos and videos of this but need time to process them. Here's a sample of them.

#chrysalis #photography

In my head is seriously all like:

BurnDatLand, BohlDemSeas

aaaand Hungary just passed the Enabling Act

everything is very normal

armchair economics 

a ray of sunshine 

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