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The introductions here make Fosstodon what it is. I postponed mine long enough. Some might have noticed me around already.

I am happy to have joined Mastodon and Fosstodon in particular, finding here many cool and interesting minds engaging with things that interest me, like free software, privacy and the politics of our changing world. I like how reading your toots expands my view.

Most importantly I have joined because I believe in the power of freeing our conversations.

I highly recommend listening to episode 370 of this podcast of excellent hostpersonship welcoming both listeners and actor Tahar Rahim (The Mauritanian, Un Prophète).

Good rant. Without getting into Wayland here, I wish to discuss this particular sentence:

"It has a real cost, you know, being a dick to maintainers."

In the last years, we've seen many more maintainers giving the same signal. It's a pattern that circumscribes a critical threat to FOSS. Is this on our radar?

FOSS maintainers get too much abuse. Some of which I think may be organized. How can we protect them better?

This is an excellent graph from showing how the UK variant (also B.1.1.7, or Kent variant) could become prevalent in the Netherlands.

The reason for this is that this variant's Rt is currently at ~1.3, while the other corona's Rt is at ~0.9.


Newsboat has a good search function!

I allow it to catch most RSS feeds, including ones that I don't use Newsboat to play back.

This has allowed me to quickly find and redownload relevant content pertaining to a certain keyword and I recommend it.

Cooking my soaked black beans I find them breaking up before they taste done.

I've tried:
* longer soaking
* adding palm sugar during simmering
* adding various amounts of baking soda
* masking the taste (nope)

Different brands are difficult to find, but perhaps I'm sold stale beans. Is there a way to check?

Ideas and other tangents are welcome.

Public access to publicly funded science.

It doesn't sound so outlandish or unreasonable! The people already paid for it, why is it behind a paywall with surveillance and tracking?

Years later we are still in debt to Aaron Swartz for becoming a science-pirate, and making his powerful statement.

And especially for facing the exorbitant harassment that resulted and continued until he lost the will to live.

I am looking for advice from vegan hikers. Need gear advice, especially shoes. If possible without plastic and toxic water repellents.

better procedural justice would improve our distributive justice and hopefully also our retributive justice

Invasive surveillance methods used against all civilians, without proper regard for what is lawful. No court order needed, and so on. Very worrying stuff.

tired: Queer Dating
wired: meeting human beings who share your interests naturally through organic social connections and evaluating them as individuals rather than a collection of labels

One of the earliest things that Alzheimer's has taken from my mom is her #art. She was a multi-media artist and can't focus ideas let alone remember skills.

She was super-stoked to show me this picture on her iPhone yesterday, the same phone that is her most-hated piece of tech right now because she can't remember how it works most of the time.

Google changed their terms:

"YouTube has the right to monetize all content on the platform and ads may appear on videos from channels not in the Partner Program"

Squeezing creators seems the easy way to add more revenue and satisfy shareholders but cannot go on forever.

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