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The introductions here make Fosstodon what it is. I postponed mine long enough. Some might have noticed me around already.

I am happy to have joined Mastodon and Fosstodon in particular, finding here many cool and interesting minds engaging with things that interest me, like free software, privacy and the politics of our changing world. I like how reading your toots expands my view.

Most importantly I have joined because I believe in the power of freeing our conversations.

Lichess: Fat Fritz is not the Only Ripoff and now ChessBase is Getting Sued

"an important case not only for Stockfish, but also for the open source community as a whole"

Power and culture in Curaçao and Jamaica. Great interview with Rivke Jaffe, touching many topics such as inequality in climate politics, corruption, racism in police dogs, also she's a DJ and she brought some superb music.
(NPO1, Dutch podcast, 50m)

Almost back from my cycling trip, a grey van slowed down alongside, a door slid open, they sprayed me with water pistol with an unknown liquid and yelled things I could not make out.

Lots of other cyclist were left alone. While I was speeding on, thinking what just happened to me, at the next crossing, again the door slid open for spraying and yelling.

I saw they were stuck behind a traffic light further on and took out my camera. When I photographed the van, they sped off wishing me cancer.

The book Hyposubjects conveys a philosophy or maybe an activism about our present and future reality that I think resonates with the project we have going on here.

It’s available online by the authors:

The description doesn’t really do justice to what is presented. I’m going to have to pull this one apart and chew on it.

Interesting story from a Chrome extension developer about how bad actors try to get their malicious code inserted into the extensions or even try to buy the extensions outright.


Virus' latest strike provokes sharp rise in the Netherlands.

NOS reports on new wave of possible Delta variant origin, amid relaxation of measures and posture, while youth still unprotected. Infections are seen to be spreading mostly in invaccinated groups, such as youth.

The good news about that is that the vaccines seem to work, but we may have underestimated the necessary degree of participation.

Link with ad tracking:

Wibra wins Dutch lawsuit against their own employees. Judge: they have to "catch up" workdays lost due to Covid-19 crisis.

The NOS and FNV articles are very unclear about what these "minus hours" are exactly and how the employees are supposed to pay them back to their employer (who received govt covid aid).

Can someone explain what this practically means for the affected employees?

After three months of Protonmail apologizing, I still have no access to my email and no answer to my many questions about their dashboard malfunction, dating from right after.

Sadly, because they blocked access I cannot prove I asked them earlier.

"To remove the block, you have to pay our bills."

No word about me contesting them and asking for support for three months.

I've already paid the disputed amount with bank transfer, but they're asking for additional evidence.

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Listening to Dutch radio, learning about yet another "invasive species".

I understand the damage, but it seems that when climates change, the dominant species would shift.

And if you can't change back the climate, why and how would you try combat the new adaptations?

In this case, the answer seems to be gallons and gallons of Glyfosate. 🙄

Dutch radio:

English info:

Things like this kept happening, questions about it also misinterpreted and ignored.

Because of their buggy dashboard, they've now racked up three months of bills.

I'm unable to pay them, because they've removed my payment method and are still ignoring my questions about that too.

As a result, after years of payments, I'm now being branded a non-paying customer and I've been barred access to my email there for two months now.

I've asked them for help with paying these undue bills just to get access back. These were also ignored and misinterpreted.

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I thoroughly regret moving to Protonmail, almost every interaction with their customer service has been misinterpreted.

Finally when my (~200EUR) deposit ran out, their dashboard also failed to register my cancelation. Twice.

Then my emails about that were ignored or misinterpreted.

Then my screenshots of their bugs were ignored.

Then my questions about that were also misinterpreted.

I feel Protonmail is willfully misinterpreting my questions and will avoid them from now.

"We created the Machine, to do our will, but we cannot make it do our will now. It has robbed us of the sense of space and of the sense of touch (...)." E.M. Foster (1909).

I'm so glad I got a little time to record some music this weekend. Here's a cover of the main theme of Nuage (Django Reinhardt). ⛅
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