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The introductions here make Fosstodon what it is. I postponed mine long enough. Some might have noticed me around already.

I am happy to have joined Mastodon and Fosstodon in particular, finding here many cool and interesting minds engaging with things that interest me, like free software, privacy and the politics of our changing world. I like how reading your toots expands my view.

Most importantly I have joined because I believe in the power of freeing our conversations.

Knuth, Literate programming 

If you actually study the structure of Knuth's literate programs and writing, you'll see a lot of consistency in structure.

My favorite discovery has been the the naming system Knuth uses for code blocks. With almost no exception, Knuth will always the name of a codeblock be an action, starting with a verb. "Append the expression to arg_list" and "Compute a compromise in pen_edge" are two real examples.

I was so fascinated by this, I actually made a list of all the starting verbs in his MetaFont program:

Chickenshit Minimalism: the illusion of simplicity backed by megabytes of cruft

Such a perfect term, adding to personal lexicon.

Please note this too: the surveillance scripts that are running on this very website were developed by Google, who work closely together with Shell on growing the fossil fuel industry even bigger through the use of AI technology on oil field discovery.

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Does Shell influence Dutch politics?

FTM did WoB-requests* to find out.
(lawful civilian transparency requests that have to be responded to)

After 69 weeks all ministries have fortressed up, giving up zero information to our democracy.

As a result the fossil industry in the Netherlands is receiving tax breaks, subsidie, influencing our politics, threatening Urgenda goals.

Why? We don't know, because the agreements are secret.

Surveillanced link:

"Whoops, our bad, we just may have 'accidentally' left Google Home devices recording your every word, sound, sorry"

Ever think that Silicon Valley's constant "accidental incompetence" could become major a threat to US export economy? Never mind I'll just watch the show.

9 years ago today I experienced the most fascinating lightning storm of life. I took this photo from my front porch when I lived in Goose Creek SC. :south_carolina_white_border: #chswx

Intel with their bold new plan to accidentally be a Source Available company.

Short-circuit a capitalist's mind, tell them you bought free hardware

RT @VeraBark
Meneer Hoek mag op zijn 95ste van mij best #trending worden.
Meneer Hoek heeft namelijk heel erg gelijk.

#meneerhoek #StaySafe #houvol

Got a wild hair and recorded this two-part banjo arrangement of Erik Satie's Gnossienne No. 1 last night. (someday I will record it in a room without dogs helpfully rattling their collars.)

Boosts++ and if you want more obscure banjo content follow my @mayor alt.

#mastomusic #banjo #eriksatie #gnossienne #musiciansofmastodon

A thing I wish more people in IT would understand:

The fact that browsers come with their own lists of trusted root CAs and the poor UX around managing CA trust is a big problem because it centralizes that trust.

It means that in practice who you trust on the web is decided by your browser vendor – it means that for the majority of humanity #Google gets to decide who is trustworthy and who isn't.

Flower planet in black rollerball. I meant planter but I’ll take planet too.

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