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In questo repository sono contenuti i dati relativi agli investimenti e alle riforme contenute nel Piano nazionale di ripartenza e resilienza presentato dal governo Draghi al Parlamento il 26 aprile 2021.
A cura di Riccardo #Saporiti

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Want to add some animation "flare" to your buttons without using JavaScript? I've got you covered 😉

Shiny, Animated CSS Buttons

Tooting this from a nativefier "nativefied" app. Never thought I would have liked Electron😅

safer sex practice, gender equality, pro gay/lesbian/... 

@tails I think that, marketing wise, it would be an absolute blast! Protected on the internet, protected in intimacy!

@blueberry Maybe there are high end monitors that are bigger, but I don't really know...

@XxAlexXx the problem is that basically every PC is sold with Windows, especially laptops that are sold more than desktop. That's the key, that's what keeps linux behind. When I'll see retail shops selling Linux laptop, I'll say "this is the year of Linux desktop".

@XxAlexXx I think Linux could become the os of hardcore people: compatibility apart, a FOSS os gives you more possibilities to customize and tune your installation as much as you want.

@xpil pihole docker container? Maybe a tor node (depending on the bandwidth)? SMB share? Plex?

@ithor You're right. Baby steps. I recently converted my mom and a friend to Linux, that's better than nothing :ac_confident:

@efftoyz IDK, he found a solution to a possible concern that some detractors had. IMHO it's a good video.

@ithor I think I can't do the step. All the people that I know makes me feel weird just for talking about it. It's not that they're just accustomed, they're totally disinterested on the argument.

Hey everyone! Subscribed to this instance mainly for Linux and customization related things. Looking forward to exchange ideas!


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