#GNOME offering to run the #Guix garbage collector when disk space is low. Quick yet useful integration!

While we complain about missing #Guix substitutes (yes that happens!), @mothacehe implements monitoring of our continuous build tool:

Very helpful as we work on optimizing build throughput!

Look what I have. Thanks to guix devs I can use gnu hurd in virtual machine that starts with my system.

See hurd-vm-service-type

On continue la construction d'une #LFS aujourd'hui, en live dans 15 minutes !


Hier on a commencé à construire la chaîne de construction croisée, cette fois-ci on va construire les outils essentiels pour la construction du reste du système.

@wizzwizz4 @codesections This description is correct.

You may be interested in the work being done in GNU Mes and Guix, which does bootstrap GCC, among most other things; here's a recent blog post by @janneke



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