Today it's been 10 years since the first #GNU #Guix commit! 🎂

Some of the 600+ people who made it possible wrote their story:


🎉 🥳 👏 #FreeSoftware #Guix10Years

No less than 5 talks around #GNU #Guix at #FOSDEM this week-end! 🎉

… and a bunch of other exciting talks on the same track, including very Lispy nerdy things I won’t miss!

With #FOSDEM around the corner, we are proud to support 20+ projects and creators on the program this year. Check out their work and see you there! -> :amazing: :amazing: :amazing:

The program of the “Declarative and Minimalistic Computing” track at #FOSDEM is on-line:

Lotta exciting stuff: #RISCV, #Guix Home, #Guix continuous integration, thoughts on #Lisp syntax, #Spritely on #Guile, ccwl, and more! 👍

I now have running in my local network providing substitutes for my personal channel.

Super slick!

Hey #guix! We're preparing a documentation meetup this Saturday, January 15 at 10:30am ET (15:30 UTC). This is the right time to learn about guix, share your knowledge and improve documentation in general. See you soon!

Announcing the next #Guix Days!

Let's meet for two days in February to talk about Guix and its community! This event is part of a series of events this year that celebrate the tenth anniversary of Guix. More to come :)

We welcome any topic related to Guix, so don't hesitate to submit a talk! You have until February 8 to submit a proposal, but the sooner you submit, the sooner you'll be notified, and the more time you'll have. Don't wait!

#conference #community

#GNU #Guix community news! Please welcome @efraim as new co-maintainer!

Efraim is joining @mothacehe, Maxim, and Tobias on the fine collective, while Marius and myself are going on vacation. 🌴😎

“Tuning packages for a CPU micro-architecture”

Or how Guix’s new ‘--tune’ option allows #HPC users to get SIMD optimizations without giving up on #reproducibility.

I sent a couple of patches to fix GNOME Bluetooth integration in Guix System. I now have a fully functional GNOME 40 setup. Feels nice!

Merged support for “package multi-versioning”, where packages are tuned for the host CPU and its SIMD extensions:

Tuning without giving up on (1) reproducibility and (2) pre-built binaries.

#Guix #HPC

My talk: Unify your distributions: How GNU Guix can run on any of
your hardware has been accepted in the Fosdem 2022 Distributions devroom.

Time to start preparing some materials :)

Today is solstice, and it’s #Guix infrastructure hackathon day!

If you have sysadmin and/or Guix System experience, you can join the party!

“Decentralized substitute distribution with ERIS”

In which @pukkamustard shows how #Guix could benefit from #ERIS and #IPFS or some other p2p transport.

Great work supported by @NGIZero! 👍

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