Everyone wants their current open source project to gain users.

What inevitably happens instead is that that project you abandoned a year or two ago has slowly gained users, and you end up supporting software you're not even using yourself anymore.

"Our European visitors are important to us."


"This site is currently unavailable to visitors from the European Economic Area"

WHY is literally all corporate speak full of doublespeak? This is even worse than the regular "We care about your privacy \n\n\n Here's how we plan to violate your privacy".

So much navigation in - between tabs, between pages in paginated lists, etc - seems to use history.replaceState instead of pushState. I always end up clicking the back button and going back WAY farther than I expect.

git.mort.coffee/mort/bbbuild Build systems which scale down to tiny projects. The convenience of running `gcc myfile.c` from the CLI, without sacrificing power or reproducability.

Is this at all something people would be interested in?

Secret build system project does proper building and dependency tracking now :)

I ended up making my own key->array-of-strings language, vaguely inspired by make and shell: git.mort.coffee/mort/bbbuild/s

That creates three variables; "hello", "this is a variable" and "nope". The ${hello} expands to an array of three values (even though those values have spaces; there is no stupid whitespace splitting).

Are there existing config file-style languages which let you define key/value pairs, where the value is a list of strings, and where each string doesn't need to be quoted unless it contains whitespace?

It shouldn't be hard to manually write a parser for, but if such a language already exists, I would get syntax highlighting and editor support for free.

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If you have the privilege of voting this year and you don't exercise it, I swear to god

This image from /r/dataisbeautiful is insane. All the stats for USA are crazy high, and the contrast between the different demographics is even crazier.

Thread: old.reddit.com/r/dataisbeautif

I've written a lot of lately: sr.ht/~mort/coffeepaste/

It's really good. It feels like a language with all the best ideas of modern C++, but where the language features were designed instead of discovered. Writing Rust feels a lot like writing best-practice C++, in a language designed from the ground up to look like best-practice C++.

I sincerely hope they'll make it an international standard eventually though, once it slows down and is ready to ossify a bit.

So, I'm not a native English speaker, so it might just be me. But does the words "EarPods" and "AirPods" sound identical to anyone else? And why are there two similar concurrent products from the same company with identical-sounding names, and why does nobody ever talk about it?

Why do we still consider RAM to be "random access" but not hard drives? After all, both can be accessed randomly, and both are many, many times faster when accessed sequentially.

So, I was doing an assignment for university, but got bored and made this: s.mort.coffee/330-blast/

@eitland Response to erik.itland.no/ux-challenge-tr:

I was thinking an easy way to improve that flow is to just make the app remember the last transfer's "from" and "to" account, and maybe add a "swap" button to swap them. I don't know how most people use their banking app, but I mostly transfer money between the same two accounts: a savings account and a checking account.

I bought a Logitech mouse.

In order to disable its RGB light, I need the Logitech G Hub software.

In order to install that, I need to accept the EULA.

The EULA asks me to accept that any dispute between me and logitech shall be resolved through final and binding arbitration.

To disable the RGB LED I have to sign away my right to sue them. How is this just how we expect the most powerful entities in our society to act? How is this even legal?

This is not the first time my phone's battery has raced from 100% to 1% over the course of half an hour and then stayed at 1% for many, many more hours.

I just had my first opportunity to play with vector instructions; I needed to quickly change the alpha value of an image, and the result has to use pre-multiplied alpha. Here's the result: github.com/mortie/swaylock-eff

I look forward to playing with SSE or AVX more in the future.

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