I tried to make Firefox on iOS my default browser.

Its animations are janky, sometimes the UI just stops responding for 5 seconds, there's no way to block ads.

I suppose I'm going back to Safari.

I wonder how many people are running an actual legit Windows copy they bought themselves.

I'd guess 99.9% of people use the OEM Windows license or a business license, and 99% of the rest had a legit key once which they lost or stopped working so now they're running a pirated Windows.

The absolute worst thing about : You can't just comment something out to try something out while debugging.

Oh, that line was the only line which used a particular variable? Fuck you.

Oh, that line was the only line which used a particular import? Fuck you.

Tau is a cool circle constant. However, wouldn't it be nicer to keep pi, but switch to an angle unit based on the diameter? Pi diameters around the circle is the full rotation, just like tau diameters.

The fundamental problem with pi and radians is that pi is based on the diameter while radians are based on the radius. We don't _have_ to throw out pi to get nice angles, we just have to either base both on the diameter or base both on the radius.

The downside: This idea would never appeal to people who dislike the over-engineered nature of snaps, and people who don't mind the over-engineered nature of snaps wouldn't see a benefit.

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Here's an idea: A standard layout of tarballs, with a toml file for some properties, which can be automatically installed into /opt by a tool, with symlinks to /use/local/bin and /use/local/share. Integrate into DEs, fiddle with LD_LIBRARY_PATH in their launcher script, maybe make a website dedicated to hosting these tarballs, and boom, you have many of the advantages of snaps without many of the disadvantages of snaps/appimages/whatever.

We're on iOS 14 beta 7. iOS 14 is likely released _this month_. Still, the new widget system is an incredibly buggy mess. That's not good.

I like how every framework/library/programming environment/consumer application/whatever breaks everything with every release and then gets annoyed when people don't go through the efforts to update.

Visualizing threads by hooking pthread functions with LD_PRELOAD.


Build system project is progressing well. It now has a "proper" dependency graph, can accept build configs on the command line, all kinds of goodies.

On ():
* One 4k 28" screen, scaled at 1.5x
* One 4k 15" screen, scaled at 2x
* Consistent 60 FPS running on a laptop's iGPU
* Everything is scaled perfectly based on which output it's currently on
* Even the mouse cursor is always scaled correctly based on which monitor it's on

Show me an X11 set-up which can do _any_ of that correctly.

post about embedding static files in C/C++ binaries: mort.coffee/home/fast-cpp-embe

TL;DR: Using string literals instead of character array literals is faster.

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Disappointed with

Direct quote from their site:

“When you type in a search, we can show an ad just based on that search term.”

The attached image shows an ad that has nothing to do with my search term, and worse still, is VERY spammy. 👎 DDG.

15x and 48x speed-up compared to traditional tools? Not bad.

I'm making an alternative to `xxd -i` which generates string literals instead of character arrays, letting compilers process embedded data as one string literal, rather than one integer literal per byte.

Using a 15" laptop as a "tablet" is mostly a gimmick, but 2-in-1s are amazingly flexible. This is currently my mobile workstation while I'm on holiday.

I like to mess with LMMS on occasion to create music. I made this today: cloud.mort.coffee/s/d7QPR8DgKp

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