now offers an bouncer at Cool.

But a bouncer logs all the messages in the chats it's connected to. Freenode's policies ( say:

> freenode does not collect or log private or public chat.

Isn't Freenode violating its own policies by offering a logging bouncer service?

“On May 25th, Andrew Lee conducted a channel takeover of unprecedented breadth on freenode; assuming control of hundreds of channels, many of which were legitimately registered by FOSS and peer-directed organizations who had once used freenode for their channels in order to erase the wishes of those who had since chose to move elsewhere.”


Everything does “intelligent” suggestions these days, where suggestions for words or search queries or whatever are presented to you as you type.

Does anyone else feel like this is a kind of “denial of service” attack on the brain..? I just found myself reaching for the address bar to type something, then after the first word I couldn’t help but read Safari’s suggested query, and that completely threw me off and I had to stop and think for a while before I remembered what I actually wanted.

I never expected Apple Music's web player to be good, obviously.

But Apple Music's web player is quite possibly the worst website I've ever used, except for some scam sites.

Ubuntu 20.10 released with a bug which would "brick" Ubuntu for nvidia users:

If you installed proprietary drivers (which is an option in the installer) and enabled auto login (also an option in the installer), GDM would just not let you log in. The only solution was to use a TTY to change the GDM config via the command line to disable auto login.

I don't think it's acceptable to have releases with bugs like this.

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Ubuntu 21.04 released with:

* A completely broken Nextcloud client package which segfaults on launch[1]
* A broken desktop icons extension where selecting a region doesn't work properly if you have multiple screens[2]

Is the "always release in April /October without exception" model broken? Would a "Feature freeze in early April/October, release when high priority bugs are fixed" model be better?


Ah, the irony...

For the uninitiated: Metallica played a huge role in the fight for draconian music copyright laws.

AFL++ (American Fuzzy Lop ++) is actually really good. Fixed so many crashes yesterday:

It even found a bunch of stack overflows caused by running recursive algorithms on untrusted input.

Can we just declare "apps" to be a mistake and go back to websites already

It comes with the exact same CPU and GPU as their desktops. It has 16GB of RAM, a 2TB SSD and a 13” screen. It has Thunderbolt. It has an official keyboard + touchpad case.

I could’ve been doing some serious work on that beast if it would just let me access its UNIXy internals and install some software.

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Now if it was running a proper OS rather than a phone OS...

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You can now get a $2400 iPad.

Now THAT’s an expensive Netflix machine.

I am, allegedly, an adult. Supposedly, YouTube knows my age. Why do restrictions on "Made for kids" videos apply to me? Why does the absence of swear words and nudity preclude me from watching an academic discussion on the economic impacts of brexit in the mini player?

WTF is Google doing?

This isn't just an Arch thing, every distribution which uses current glibc has a similar patch. M4 doesn't work. Just like the rest of the tools used in the autotools "build system" (read: rube goldberg machine).

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Just one small piece of autotools: m4 hasn't compiled on GNU systems since 2018, and Arch is _STILL_ carrying a patch to make m4 build on current glibc:

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