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It's been a little bit more than 24 hours since I joined this place, and I'm impressed by the wonderful community that exists here.

The combination of slow-paced discussions and worldwide potential make this place a lot better than Twitter.

Kudos to all of you! This place really makes a difference ☺️

Anyone have success with doing machine based certs for 802.1x wifi in a Windows domain with either Fedora or Ubuntu?

If upgrading from Ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04 and you have MySQL installed you might find that you can't start the service. Use the workaround in the bug report found here:

Ah! The deed is done. My Facebook account is 30 days from its final death. Something akin to the words of Revelation no?

Ugh, what a gong show for consumer encryption technology while this administration is present:

Today's issue that has been conquered; for some users when you move from Ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04, mysql won't start. Here's the fix: (Hint: it's apparmor)

While I realize these things are our lives in many ways, good heavens it takes a long to setup a new machine. Doing the same for others, ugh...

Pretty impressed by what does in protecting a few WP blogs I have to run for work.

Today's joy was re-examining some code I wrote last year. Even with comments and what I thought was clear coding, I still spent 10 minutes saying, "what the heck did I do here."

Hey fosstodon, glad to be here to share the goodness. I get to spend most of my day with Linux and a terminal.

Also a runner by choice, so Hi to all runners here too...


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