i shall be preparing for exams but of course i rather read something about networking and vlan and subsequently seamlessly switch to os development with reverse engineering.

nice priorities

it's better my brain grasp the thing that "failed exams = harsh future"

how would I do that huuuuh

what if you suddenly wanted to sleep

i mean sleep asap or u will sleep standing/sitting.


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pew pew

that's my brain right now

how do i maintain brain processes, it's only a week beginning, huuuuuuuh


my pen has broken and now i can't use my graphics tablet. that was so precisely timed because i need it right now as much as I never did!

i hate everything 💢 💢 💢

it's night and a quick note

i started learning how to draw anime

and i am cooking food at night because now the day has turned into night and vice versa and i want to


how much do you sleep?

i wish ardour had better midi sequencer, almost insanely hard to work with that :p

i hate myself for being diverse relatively to skills

switching between normal and geek modes are frustratingly hard, and when it is time to get back to the geek mode, I feel depressed and sad

i. e. I think that i am useless and can't do nothing combined with disability to learn quickly and be good

is it a bluff illusion or in actuality mastodon is getting more popular over the time, huh

do not oversit in front of a screen too much

did that thrice, my eyes aren't working well, they are yet to get better...

err, i love to fall out of the reality

lemme get back to it

i'ma write my own kernel that's into posix. I am sort of tired about sole reading with forgetting everything eventually. therefore i'ma do it with what i know, yeah
:ablobcatfloofpat: :ablobcatfloofpat: :ablobcatfloofpat:

I just almost broke my leg.

Ehh it hurts. Barely capable of walking.

always find interesting that i had lacked vision for years until i discovered that my rush periods when i am like a monster that can comprehend whatsoever appear after i have slept for more-than-usual™ hours and the next day i sleep the smallest time possible, e. g. going from twelve hour sleep (rip, being a vegetable throughout the day is fun) straight to five or six one.
i believe that's one of many things that affect my perception and consciousness, since sleeping this way is unhealthy.

i have just been sleeping for 12 hours straight.

That Was A Bad Decision™

at least I hope to be feeling ok nearer to the end of the day

i was reading much about some linux kernel stuff coupled with examining source code and the next morning i barely remember what i was reading

is it OK, isn't it? kind of it is put afar in distant long-term memory and acquiring chunks of memory is like reading a book with eyes closed (huh, im kidding, u get the point I guess)

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