always find interesting that i had lacked vision for years until i discovered that my rush periods when i am like a monster that can comprehend whatsoever appear after i have slept for more-than-usual™ hours and the next day i sleep the smallest time possible, e. g. going from twelve hour sleep (rip, being a vegetable throughout the day is fun) straight to five or six one.
i believe that's one of many things that affect my perception and consciousness, since sleeping this way is unhealthy.

i have just been sleeping for 12 hours straight.

That Was A Bad Decision™

at least I hope to be feeling ok nearer to the end of the day

i was reading much about some linux kernel stuff coupled with examining source code and the next morning i barely remember what i was reading

is it OK, isn't it? kind of it is put afar in distant long-term memory and acquiring chunks of memory is like reading a book with eyes closed (huh, im kidding, u get the point I guess)

would you trade your social abilities like feelings and compassion in some sense or just let's say empathy for unreal abilities to work and learn?

sort of exchanging sympathy for never before seen memory capability so that you can memorize and comprehend everything at first glance.

i would.

the idea is just to let our brain manage the stuff when we want to reach something

become a task manager, learn and improve whatsoever needed until we get what we aimed

we aren't able yet to know everything at start, because we are but our brains. these human body apparatus isn't all-inclusive regarding knowledge at the very beginning

and it knows how to learn

so let it do it the best possible way it can

thus by realizing that we're just creatures that are made up from particles (if you think differently, that is ok) and the way how our brain works, however, is somewhat determined

albeit being determined shallowly in actuality but nonetheless we got something

by that wee knowledge we have collected we can pursuit anything by diverse techniques

in some sense I believe that any person can do whatever he want to

there are no restrictions, at all

even no morale nor law things

so far no self-limits you put urself in thinking "oh no that'll take time and maybe i can't do such stuff"

so far no physical restrictions but they are merely debuffs that impedes you a little bit

i was kicked out of a couch, but not really kicked but rather ordered to get out so I crawled off the couch, literally crawled the all way to the another one by floor because i was exhausted and then scrambled... or better to say I happily ramped onto it

wonder what language can become the most wide-spread and used through years

not a programming one

when you got into high performance targeted development

"wait it's all math?"

"always has been"

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2nd Semifinal of the 3rd Programming Language World Championships! #plwc2021

C convincingly defeated Elixir, Perl and Bash to make it to this round, whereas Rust beat Typescript, Ruby and C++.

Who will make it to the big final?

how do you plan stuff when it is not really about "just a few hundreds lines of code" or more generally "a few hours of work"?

i just found out that the significant part of my many failures is solely not foreseeing my project.


What is your dearest programming language to you?

i just realized i put two "is" facing each other

i am beyond english

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trying to speak japanese... er...

you know that meme when two buddies comes to compromise with each other and then look at the third guy who's is screeching.

that third guy is me really

who doesn't love a student ramen break.

every morning. and day. whatever, everytime! my stomach buddy is going to tell me thanks really soon.

finally my brain initiated working properly and memorizing stuff as it is expected to do so. finally i can memorize those damnhelllike japanese kanjis. finally i can read japanese at some point despite being a very newbie teapot.

btw I put three L lowercase letters in one word XwX

didn't really cope with that lack of ability to learn stuff and lost motivation yeei

why is english so hard to perceive for me ;-;

how do i stop doing mistakes when basic "learn, practice, focus" does not work in terms of making elementary misses on something that shows that i got nothing to deal with it?
i am kinda frustrated. i am seeing people that make rapid progress and are absolutely accurate on the subject so they successfully race me even if I have devoted more time in it.
how do i improve myself medically or by utilizing whatever stuff to either ignore or overcome? this can lead to mental issues for me if let it go

took a guitar

occasionally played an epic and positive encouraging chord progression

recorded pcm_f32

tried to alter adding mid frequency guitar layer and putting some fx like high lead

well I realized that sounded incredible

however forgot how do i play the guitar and make it better :morty:

(maybe i'll post this music here one day)

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