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Does the crystal ball reveal anything about my new laptop...?! 🀣

Alleged cost to UK tax payers: Β£30
Approximate supermarket value: Β£5
Amount of my surprise: Zero

Rolo stopped chewing his bone and watched the entire intro to The Pelican Brief. He lost all interest once humans appeared on screen! 🀣

I've only seen three of these, so far, but plan to catch a few more of them. -> "Adam Nayman reflects on the most striking and memorable visual compositions from movies released in 2020..."

File this in the "no duh" department. They have been dispensing dubious advice literally since they began. Why people still listen to them I don't know. They'll probably be listened to even more now but in a perfect world they'd ride into obscurity.
Celeb Docs Failed Us During COVID. Let’s Leave Them in 2020 Where They Belong.

One from the mobile... just above Copper Snout. There's a scheduled monument, the "Clennell Street Cross Dyke", on the spur below. It's well preserved and includes the foundations of two buildings whose doorways face south, although it sounds like their original purpose is now uncertain.

Above the Coquet Valley in earlier today. A tad chilly on the finger-ends! ❄️

Microsoft Exchange... πŸ€” I appreciate its not FOSS, but wondered if anyone seeing this toot has ever had cause to forward (duplicate) all their users' inbound/outbound emails to an external domain for a month or so; for example during a transition to a new organisation. Easily done with a mail flow rule for just a few people, but I suspect that will quickly become unmanageable. Still pondering, but any thoughts would be very welcome. 🀞😁

"PimpMyKali" is a script that's worth a look, if you like this sort of thing. πŸ˜‰ Solved a display problem I was having with kernel 5.8 on VirtualBox, but it does a lot more besides that. πŸ‘

I think this Argon-1 case might be one of the nicest Pi cases I've tried so far... and I've tried some of the "usual" and some of the "slightly less than usual" cases in the past! 🀣

Choose an "Alpkit Qark" headtorch after a bit of deliberation. Great price, but it also meant that I could buy in person from a local outdoors shop. Full brightness (580 lumens) is crazily bright, the mobile phone photo doesn't do it justice. It's only 95g and easily lights the full width of a track or country lane. In reality the brightness felt like this to me running on half-power... that's me and the torch! πŸ€£πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ

Running off into the sunset, heading back into moonrise over Hadrian's Wall... might have to get myself a headtorch at this rate! 🀣

Thinking of buying your dog a lovely new comfortable bed...? 🀣

Rather tempted by this Bangle JS hackable smartwatch ->
If you happen to be reading this toot, do you have any experience of it? The review is mildly critical of its GPS receiver, and makes me wonder how effective it might be for recording wild swimming 'tracks'. πŸ€”

Tech won't build it

Tech, as in Big

Tech won't build anything which allows you to run your own whatever, independently.

Tech won't let you have control of what you see on screen.

There will always be an opaque algorithm for ads, or some bullshit.

Tech won't build privacy. Only privacy theatre.

Sure, you can play around with Android settings, but they're still getting your data anyway.

Tech won't build it if it doesn't make a rich man richer.

Tech won't built it if it doesn't contain telemetry.

This is almost a golden rule.

Tech won't build it if it can't be floated on the stock market or issued as a token.

Tech won't build it if it doesn't bolster the patriarchy.

Tech won't build it for fun. Only for profit.

Tech won't build it.

So if you want it.

It's up to you.

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