@withnail @gray You're right, I see what you mean. In their press release they are quite careful to state the box costs around £10, and the rest of their charges are presumably commercial in confidence, which is fair enough. My exposure to some dubious initiatives over the last 20 years has caused me to become rather cynical. 🀣

@gray I believe there's 1.5 million children in the UK receiving free school meals. If they're all entitled to one of these boxes, about Β£25 profit x 1.5 million, couple of boxes a month, plus whatever fees are poured into these contracting firms, I'm sure someone is doing ok out of it... just not the kids.

Alleged cost to UK tax payers: Β£30
Approximate supermarket value: Β£5
Amount of my surprise: Zero
πŸ™„ bbc.co.uk/news/uk-55641740

@lagan Welcome... from a fellow owner of a Lab named Rolo! πŸ˜πŸ‘

@eff I'd be curious to know what happens if you lock your two-factor authentication device into a wall safe...? πŸ€”

Rolo stopped chewing his bone and watched the entire intro to The Pelican Brief. He lost all interest once humans appeared on screen! 🀣

I've only seen three of these, so far, but plan to catch a few more of them. -> "Adam Nayman reflects on the most striking and memorable visual compositions from movies released in 2020..."

@sexybiggetje @sheogorath @Gina I rather enjoyed the Ghostbusters remake and remember having a father-daughter cinema trip when it first came out. Periodically I've gone on quests for films with strong, independent female leads... it's not as easy as it should be. From Coraline to Aliens, I'm always open to suggestions! πŸ€”

File this in the "no duh" department. They have been dispensing dubious advice literally since they began. Why people still listen to them I don't know. They'll probably be listened to even more now but in a perfect world they'd ride into obscurity.
Celeb Docs Failed Us During COVID. Let’s Leave Them in 2020 Where They Belong.

@dajbelshaw Amazing location. I don't know why I haven't explored the Cheviots before now, but I'd always been tempted over towards Cumbria. Not that I can do either for the foreseeable! πŸ™„ Heres hoping for a better summer... 🀞

One from the mobile... just above Copper Snout. There's a scheduled monument, the "Clennell Street Cross Dyke", on the spur below. It's well preserved and includes the foundations of two buildings whose doorways face south, although it sounds like their original purpose is now uncertain. historicengland.org.uk/listing

Above the Coquet Valley in earlier today. A tad chilly on the finger-ends! ❄️

@nathand Many thanks! 😁 I was coming around to the same thought. There are a couple of hundred users involved, some names might change very slightly, and we can create the script in advance. I'm reading there's a common "gotcha" around SMTP forwarding to external domains - but I can test that in advance. I think this is probably the way to go with it...

Microsoft Exchange... πŸ€” I appreciate its not FOSS, but wondered if anyone seeing this toot has ever had cause to forward (duplicate) all their users' inbound/outbound emails to an external domain for a month or so; for example during a transition to a new organisation. Easily done with a mail flow rule for just a few people, but I suspect that will quickly become unmanageable. Still pondering, but any thoughts would be very welcome. 🀞😁

Fitness and running related 

@gray @mgiagante I started the couch to 5k earlier in the year, but wasn't exactly a couch potato - I was swimming, hiking, rock climbing, but felt like I needed more cardio. With hindsight I probably increased the distance too quickly. There's some great advice on the Doc on the Run podcast: docontherun.com/ worth a listen if you haven't already...

Fitness and running related 

@mgiagante @gray Ditto to this. Tips and resources on injury prevention / rehab would be great. (Minor but persistent Achilles tendon problems in my case.) And I started running at 46! 🀣

@gray I never got around to watching Firefly, although the reviews look great. Same with the Serenity movie... might have to give them a watch. πŸ‘

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