Alleged cost to UK tax payers: Β£30
Approximate supermarket value: Β£5
Amount of my surprise: Zero

Rolo stopped chewing his bone and watched the entire intro to The Pelican Brief. He lost all interest once humans appeared on screen! 🀣

One from the mobile... just above Copper Snout. There's a scheduled monument, the "Clennell Street Cross Dyke", on the spur below. It's well preserved and includes the foundations of two buildings whose doorways face south, although it sounds like their original purpose is now uncertain.

Above the Coquet Valley in earlier today. A tad chilly on the finger-ends! ❄️

I think this Argon-1 case might be one of the nicest Pi cases I've tried so far... and I've tried some of the "usual" and some of the "slightly less than usual" cases in the past! 🀣

Choose an "Alpkit Qark" headtorch after a bit of deliberation. Great price, but it also meant that I could buy in person from a local outdoors shop. Full brightness (580 lumens) is crazily bright, the mobile phone photo doesn't do it justice. It's only 95g and easily lights the full width of a track or country lane. In reality the brightness felt like this to me running on half-power... that's me and the torch! πŸ€£πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ

Running off into the sunset, heading back into moonrise over Hadrian's Wall... might have to get myself a headtorch at this rate! 🀣

Thinking of buying your dog a lovely new comfortable bed...? 🀣

Surprisingly pleasant afternoon for a ramble... and you can just about spot Rolo bottom-left. πŸ˜πŸ•

After 9.4km, still no worse... maybe it is helping? Needing another rest, but not because of my foot! 🀣

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Trying out some Ryoma foot supports. After 6km along Hadrian's Wall path not any worse, but sure it's helping much either. Halfway, so will find out soon! πŸ€”πŸƒ

Brilliant evening swimming in the Tyne, although a tad chilly when you stop moving! Brrrr! 😬 (Note to self: "Don't. Drop. Phone.")

Vindobala... perhaps not the most inspiring site on Hadrian's Wall, although there's a placard telling you what it used to be like! Half-way, 5.6km, and exactly 6 min / km so far - about to slow down from here!! πŸ€£πŸƒ

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