As an almost total novice, I managed to open our metal letterbox in less than half a second... some locks are just there for decoration! 🙄

@mootParadox lock picking is a ton of fun. And yeah... it’s surprising, saddening and intriguing what you can get into without a lot of effort.

@wholesomedonut @mootParadox I think it's mostly to get the honest people out, just a minor thing will at least make you think twice.

@sotolf @mootParadox “locks only keep out honest people” is what my friend always says. It’s true!

And it’s a useful skill. No more worrying about that padlock you lost the key to, while it still locks that shed door shut. 😎

@wholesomedonut @sotolf Anticipating a typical, wet English summer holiday in a static caravan a few years back, I'd bought one of those transparent training lock sets to take along. But since then I've acquired some decent picks and managed to access a couple of basic padlocks and cupboard locks... mostly luck, probably! 🤣 But I do love watching guys like the Lock Picking Lawyer and Bosnian Bill - amazing skills. The parallels between locks and IT security has a certain appeal, I think.

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