Alleged cost to UK tax payers: £30
Approximate supermarket value: £5
Amount of my surprise: Zero

@gray I believe there's 1.5 million children in the UK receiving free school meals. If they're all entitled to one of these boxes, about £25 profit x 1.5 million, couple of boxes a month, plus whatever fees are poured into these contracting firms, I'm sure someone is doing ok out of it... just not the kids.

@mootParadox @gray Not defending but you need to read the article. It's for a week of lunches and not £30. That was a mistake by the person reporting it.

@withnail @gray You're right, I see what you mean. In their press release they are quite careful to state the box costs around £10, and the rest of their charges are presumably commercial in confidence, which is fair enough. My exposure to some dubious initiatives over the last 20 years has caused me to become rather cynical. 🤣

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