Microsoft Exchange... πŸ€” I appreciate its not FOSS, but wondered if anyone seeing this toot has ever had cause to forward (duplicate) all their users' inbound/outbound emails to an external domain for a month or so; for example during a transition to a new organisation. Easily done with a mail flow rule for just a few people, but I suspect that will quickly become unmanageable. Still pondering, but any thoughts would be very welcome. 🀞😁

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@mootParadox Mailflow would seem to be more useful if only some people were moving. Otherwise a domain MX cutover and migrate the (exported) mailboxes to the new system would be for everyone.

If I had to do it for more than a handful of people, I'd probably try and manage it via PowerShell.

@nathand Many thanks! 😁 I was coming around to the same thought. There are a couple of hundred users involved, some names might change very slightly, and we can create the script in advance. I'm reading there's a common "gotcha" around SMTP forwarding to external domains - but I can test that in advance. I think this is probably the way to go with it...

@mootParadox The CSV functionality in powershell is going to be your friend. You can manage the list in excel then use powershell it connect and apply the forwarding or flows.

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