Running off into the sunset, heading back into moonrise over Hadrian's Wall... might have to get myself a headtorch at this rate! 🤣

@mootParadox If you do, I'd recommend an LED Lenser headtorch. Brighter than the sun

@gairsty I've just been taking a look... they do look good. About 20 minutes before this photo I'd tripped over a tree root and went flying, nice bruise down the back of my shoulder as a result, so I definitely need something. 🤔

@mootParadox they're lightweight, comfortable (some days I wear one all day at work) variable beam width and some models have rechargeable batteries.

@gairsty I have a cheap rechargeable headtorch from Amazon, which admittedly is very bright, but it's too heavy and clunky for running. Great for walking the dog though. I'll post another night-run pic once I've chosen one. 😁

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