It took me a long time to hop aboard the slow-cooker bandwagon... amazing gadgets! πŸ˜‹πŸ‘

Anti-Vax / Anti-Mask enthusiasts may start wearing masks, and socially distancing, in order to avoid the vaccinated... riiiiiiight. πŸ€”
Vice ->

...and she even gave me a sticker for being a good boy! 🀣

Oh dear. πŸ™„ I'm disappointed to learn they are unable to pelwver my pacqage due to dihficulties... I'll try to contain my disannointment at not requeeving it.

This ThinkCentre (now cleaned and hoovered!) is a Linux server that's been running in a cupboard 24/7 for about 7 years. I acquired it second-hand, with no drives. Not sure how old it really is... πŸ€”

Helpful script!! In this instance, painless set-up of a local UniFi controller on a Raspberry Pi. -> πŸ‘
`bash --local-controller --server-ip 192.168.1.nn`

β€œThat was β€˜Big Yellow Taxi’ by Joni Mitchell, a song in which Joni complains they β€˜Paved paradise to put up a parking lot’, a measure which actually would have alleviated traffic congestion on the outskirts of paradise, something which Joni singularly fails to point out, perhaps because it doesn’t quite fit in with her blinkered view of the world. Nevertheless, nice song.” πŸ˜‰

Friday, 8:22... I forgot to enable daylight saving time. πŸ™„ Cheeky fox running across our driveway at that time off the morning! 🦊😎

How easy is it to crack Enigma using a modern laptop? Still not *that* easy! πŸ€”

"P4wnP1 A.L.O.A." Remote USB keystroke injection, via a spawned WiFi AP, using a £13 RPi-ZeroW... nice!! 😎

I'm a militant skeptic when it comes to "magic" hifi cables that defy the laws of thermodynamics, but this new cable has instantly eliminated a relentless, pulsing hum between a channel-strip and a Focusrite interface. Nothing mystical here either... just the result of switching an unbalanced guitar interconnect for a balanced TRS patch lead. πŸ˜πŸ‘

Perfect intro! πŸ˜‰
"Naive linter for English prose for developers who can't write good and wanna learn to do other stuff good too..." ->

Rule number 1 of the USB Rubber Ducky club is, don't tell anyone you're a member of the USB Rubber Ducky club. πŸ€”πŸ¦†

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Excellent... <insert Mr Burns style evil chuckle here> ...let the keystroke injection attacks commence. πŸ˜‰

Found this mug in our office kitchen cupboard..... "Ooo- yeah, errm- I'm gonna have to go ahead and, sort of, disagree with you there." πŸ˜‰

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